Online services are completely broken now

first of all, hello everyone

I now run out of support options and seek help here
instead of individually write a new text, let me paste my issue of my submitted support ticket back from February 16th this year for the official Forza Horizon 5 support:
Now for almost a whole week, I can’t connect to the Forza Horizon 5 servers ingame.
Meaning that I can’t play the actual world cup season (I actually was doing great in the first round) and am stuck now in a stupid “Spare Season”, i can’t send cars as gifts (not available), I can’t get the ingame messages (not available), such as Forza news for example, I can’t look for online liveries for my cars (loading loop without any end), I can’t join crews (not available), I can’t look in the Hall of Fame anymore (not available), and and and… you name it.
What’s weird is the fact that I still have other online players, real online players, no bots, in free roam mode and I can also join Horizon Open Online races and events.
I already tried a couple of things like giving total permissions to ForzaHorizon5.exe in my Windows Firewall, resetting Forza Horizon 5 in Windows Settings, “repair” it too which had 0 effect and so on. Nothing works.
And searching for this problem on Google, bing, yahoo, whatever, gives me no relevant results AT ALL. Not even your support page gives me anything helpful in the least.

As a reply, I received this by a Forza support member named Battleman:
Unfortunately we are unable to find the gamertag “BenD0va56” in our system. Please sign into the support site with the account you are having an issue with and resubmit a ticket.

I submitted a new ticket with this:
I sent this message on Feb 16, 2022, 3:24 PM PST an you also sent me a reply (it was Battleman by the Forza Support), saying that I shall log in with the account with which I have the issues.
I replied to this e-mail with:
“Hello there,
first of all, thanks for the quick response.
These problems actually started back then when my Gamer Tag was “Roqdock56”.
I changed it into BenD0va56 just recently.
I don’t know if you can look up after my former name like that.
If not, would it be necessary to change it back (as long as it’s still available)?
Chronological order:
-Played the game as Roqdock56 since the release
-the problems started during the second round of the world cup season, still while my name was Roqdock56
-I found out it was possible to change the gamer tag freely, therefore I changed it into BenD0va56
-I wrote the first mail as BenD0va56
Meaning that this actually is my only account.
What should my next step be?
Much thanks in advance
censored, or better known as BenD0va56”
But I now think that you don’t read or receive these e-mail replies in the first place.
Therefore let me send it as a new ticket (like Battleman told me in his reply):
I didn’t change my account!!! I only changed my gamertag, that’s all.
And the problems already came up when I had my old name, meaning the changing of my name shouldn’t be the problem here. Instead of looking for my name, isn’t it possible to search after my e-mail adress? In the end, I log in using my e-mail adress, not my gamertag.
Since your reply, I also tried deleting and reinstalling the game, but that didn’t help unfortunately.
Therefore, I still hope that you can help. There has to be a solution.
So the relevant infos in short:
e-mail adress: censored
old gamertag: Roqdock56
new gamertag: BenD0va56
no new account or anything like that, only name change and that even after the problems started
With best regards and stay safe

and guess what, the reply by the next Forza support member named Zeta was this:

Unfortunately we are unable to find the gamertag “BenD0va56” in our system. Please sign into the support site with the account you are having an issue with and resubmit a ticket.

Meaning that:

  1. The Forza Support team DON’T READ the submitted tickets at all, meaning submitting tickets have no worth at all
    and 2. All the stated problems are still going on (just checked it once more just now)

please, pretty pretty please, I really need some help now
can anyone help a desperate gamer

after reinstalling at the first gamestart did the game that syncronize process to get your savegame out of the cloud?

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Might have missed it, but PC or console?
NM - see that you were working with Windows programs.

I had the same thing happen on my Xbox One S - but it won’t have the same fix . . .
Sorry - can’t help here . . .

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