Online Road Trip Car Classes

I’ve now played a fair share of online road trips and I must say that I’m disappointed that C and B Class road trips are basically non existent. B class has occasionally come up during the vote but everyone mostly votes for S1 or S2. I don’t think C Class was even programmed into this part of the game because I’ve never seen it come up during voting. Has anyone else noticed this?

I feel the same way. And then, too many people who are unskilled in the class, or simply pack on everything into a car to get it into S2 and then crash at every corner or into every car.

I would love to see a larger mix of B and C Class online road trips. I have also only ever seen B class twice,and luckily it did get voted for once.

My favorite classes are A and S1, but I do enjoy B and C as well. They are slower, but much more of a challenge.

It’s very rare, but you do see C class sometimes. D is even rarer. I’ve done over 100 trips and I can only recall seeing D come up for a vote a couple times. It’s sad.

No one votes for it anyway.

I’ve seen the lower classes come up but as already posted, going into online RT everyone wants S1/S2 and cornering seems to baffle most, the alternative - private RT with your car club members.

I like that you say this. In my experience public RT and private RT are two completely different experiences. In public RT I usually play by myself or join a friend in progress and we play a bit together. I tend to be fairly competitive and want to do as well as possible. I tend to drive somewhat aggressive but always as clean as possible, but I err on the side of caution when it comes to tight corners, trees, and bumping people who aren’t intentionally smashing everyone even though I really, really want to win. Wen I play private RT with friends and club members I don’t care how I do as much. Obviously, I’d still like to win but the atmosphere is very different. It feels more like a bunch of friends hanging out driving cars and I really enjoy it. However, we tend to race and not worry about finishing position or wiping out on trees because we pushed too hard, or were talking, or because we overshot the checkpoint by half a parish…

Both versions of RT are fun, but I think they both have a different appeal. Also, if I were to do every RT with Eduardo, Big Worm, and Omega Doom I’d rarely win whereas with John Do, Joe Shmoe, and Betty Sue it’s very likely that I’ll win.

I like the lower classes too. I’ve gotten to the point where I just drop out of the road trip if the group votes for S2 because those races are always such a cluster. Did get to race C class once and won 4/4 with my Renault Alpine. It was awesome.

Interesting replies so far, I’m glad I’m not the only one who would like to see the lower car classes mixed in a bit more for online road trips. I get the most enjoyment from building my cars to the top of their stock class or one class above stock so I basically have a bunch of cars sitting in my garage that see little to no use. It’s a real shame considering this game has such an incredible car list.

I agree with PPiDrive that it’s annoying to see so many people packing on as many upgrades as they can to get their car build to S2 and then crashing into everyone because they lack skill and have no concept of braking or cornering.

I have raced in D, C, and B classes online the last two nights, but I will admit that 80% of the time its A,S1, and S2 that comes up for vote

Weird. Maybe you should try lobby hopping. All I ever manage to get into are low class roadtrips. i have never done a road trip over A class and all i find myself ever doing are C and B class with the occasional D.

Maybe there is some sort of system that determines what classes you drive most and the game puts you in lobbies of similarity.

^makes you wonder. I wish PG would chime in on these discussions.