Online "racing"

So i have been playing this game since release. I have been into a handful of online free roams. I like the idea of them and when you get a normal group of people it is a good time.

My problem is with the races that are selected.

It seems like people only know how to DRAG RACE. Does anyone know how to turn? or do ANYTHING else?

Then it sucks cause it doesn’t tell you that they are starting a drag race. it just says someone is starting a race and never specifies what kind unless it s a King or infected.

Can there be something in the title to specify what type of race it is so i dont waste my time going in a straight line?

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I can turn :slight_smile:

I’m glad someone can lol

Yes it’s sad… just about the best road racing game in recent memory and everyone spends their time doing the drag.

I’d forget free roam if I were you. It’s like pulling teeth to get people to do bucket list challenges even.

Do some online road trips instead.

i will have to check that out. it would just be nice to race a sprint or maybe dare i say cross-country.

I can safely predict at this point that road trips are what you’re after :slight_smile: It’s all there

Also give showdowns a try. My favorite new feature… just avoid the meet near the drag

That meet also gives a normal track to race yet it seems 80% of the time it’s dragracing. I managed to be put in the normal track and won it. No way I will ever win a dragrace on my own :slight_smile:

anyone can. there are youtube videos to show you what to set the vehicle at to get the best speed and all that for the alfa Stradale. it take no skill to drag race. just the hotlap cars. and those are easy to get cause people put them on youtube or in forums.