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I have not tried the online racing portion of Forza 5 yet. I was curious as to how the racing was? I realize that contact is part of racing, and I do rub on cars here and there while in career mode. But what is an except able amount of contact in online racing in everyone’s opinion? I would like to jump in some online races, but if my contact is too much, I don’t want to ruin everyone’s racing experience.

You want to shoot for zero contact. That being said, it will happen no matter how well you drive. Just try to race clean, and have fun. Accidents will happen, just use your mic and let people know it wasn’t intentional when it goes wrong.

Wrecking is racing on Forza…

If you want to get blocked by all of the good players it is.

INTENTIONTIONALLY wreck in to others and you will find them blocking you and leaving you eventually alone with other wreckers. I ran in to a fair share of wreckers at first, but after blocking them my racing has gotten much cleaner.

To the OP, you might want to start in the ‘no collisions’ hopper if you just want to see how competitive you are online without worrying about wrecking.

Most dont intentionally try wreck others. They just dont know to race even if there fast…

watch out for “weak network connection”, always puts me off when it comes up, also be prepared to do some ice skating, because compared to single player there is hardly any grip strange handling but other than that it’s good

Until you get to know a group of players, and you’ve all been racing together for a while, try to completely avoid contact. Many, many people who play this game online will take the first contact incident - even if it’s innocuous - as intentional ramming and start screaming bloody murder.

A suggestion: Use Your Mic. When you get into a lobby, say Hello to everyone. The more that players chat with each other, the less likely you’ll be to have problems. A quick “Sorry!” on contact goes a long way to avoid misunderstandings, and generally leads to much friendlier play.

That said, I had been out of multiplayer for quite a while - just didn’t have time to play much. In the past 10 days or so, I jumped into the C-Class hopper once, and the D-Class hopper twice. All three times, I had good, fun, clean racing. No intentional crashing. Guys were chatting a bit. Lots of different cars being used.

Pretty much the way I’ve found online play to be since the first time I tried it with Forza 2.

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Just do ur best not make contact you will fine. When you do wreck some body, saying sorry goes a long way.

Thanks everybody. Maybe I’ll see you all around online.