Online racing isn't fun for me.

Placing first place and ending up near last place isn’t fun, I like races where you win because you place first and not because you have to drift all race just to win. Just not fun imo. I guess some people like it but not the kind of racing I enjoy sadly.

That’s completely untrue about the drifting. You have to race clean to get the most XP, it even says that in the game.

I haven’t lost a single championship yet because I race clean and tend to come in first most of the time.

Not sure what you mean, but I placed first place in the race but was sent all the way back to 7th place due to others having more points…

Did you hit people while racing? That’s not racing clean, therefor you get less XP. You also gain XP from the road trips in between races/events.

I never hit anything, I was in first place the whole race.