Online problems

Im done with this game. Still no fix for the “failed to get match server list” problem. T10 needs to fix this or i want a full refund. Smh

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I get that issue only when my latency drops. It works again after latency comes back.

Sorry you’re having such problems. Do you have your XBoxconnected over wifi? If so, would a wired connection be possible? Mine is about 6 inches away from the router, so I just use a wired connection, and I’ve not once had an issue playing online (except yesterday, when Live was down, but that’s different).

Hopefully it gets fixed for you soon.

Yeah I would look at your end first and get your ping rate…I have never gotten that message joining multiplayer… Mine is hardwired…

i got it in fm5. i had to do a hard rest then it worked again. hold down teh power button on teh console not the game pad until it fully shuts down. unplug it for a minuet then plug it back in. it will start up slower than normal because it has to reload everything from scratch. the good thing is the glitch that keeps you from connecting is in the quick start save you lost. and it’ll save a new start up file so it’ll quick start again next time. the second time i got it i disabled standby/always on mode and start from scratch everytime. it takes a minuet longer to start, but it starts glitch free everytime. and since its really off when off and not in hibernate mode it uses less electric.