Online in free roam is working much better since today's patch

When I first fired the game up I saw no other players nor any drivatars and initially I thought “here we go again”, but then after driving about for a couple of minutes, I fast travelled and after that it started to work better than it ever has.

There were a bunch of players all doing the danger sign that’s on the roundabout by the motorway, while a couple of other players were drifting around the roundabout, and nobody randomly disappeared, plus drivatars were occasionally passing by too. I hung around there for about 10-15 minutes and it was all working as it should.

I drove around the map with a couple of random players and that was working fine too, where previously they would just disappear into the ether, usually after just a few seconds.

How are you guys finding it?

On the one hand that sounds like good news.

On the other hand so we can free roam ok but not fulfill 8n game objectives without fear of bugs.