Online driving

Hi I love the game. But the online experience should have penalties when Racing. For instance. Running clean races, if you are running a clean line and someone bumps you they should pay for that and should be penalized a couple of 10 or 20 seconds for that Bump.or lose there position at the end of the race Like real would be a better experience and people will stay on track. Please consider it. Ty

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I don’t know of a series that penalizes you ten or twenty seconds for contact with another car, and I follow a lot of series, including Formula One, GP2, IndyCar, V8 Supercars, BTCC, DTM, WEC, USCC, NASCAR, and local amateur dirt tracks. F1, for example, will penalize you for damaging another car, spinning another car, running another car off, or possibly for repeated contact, but not just for contact.

IMSA | TUDOR United SportsCar Championship
Stop and go, or hold for ?? seconds, in the pits is the penalty. Avoidable contact.

The problem is, as people have said above, the crashers don’t care about this, if they got a penalty they would quit and find another lobby, or find a way to put the legitimate racers at blame, and get them penalties. There is no real way of preventing crashers permanently without loads of moderators, without some kind of entry barrier, like completing the career (which would exclude legit players), or the financial barrier of iRacing etc

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And these series have race stewards that review each incident and determine the penalty. In many cases this review takes longer that most online races in Forza even last and even then the determinations are often questionable.

Any such system coded to the game would need to follow a predetermined set of rules, and once those rules are known/figured out they will be exploited. If you know for instance that someone hitting you from behind = 10 second penalty and you know they are slightly faster than you, then you just have to cause them to hit you from behind by driving unpredictably before they pass you. They pass you and come in first, but you still win because they were less then 10 seconds ahead of you.

Would be impossible to implement in open lobbies as each race would need to be monitored by someone to make decisions on close calls. Everybodys racing lines are a bit different and sometimes a bit of bumping is the only way to get passed sometimes. Who would you penalise if you were both on your own racing line?

You guys know what I mean when they take you out intentionally. I know it’s a game but in f1 you do that and your dead. Forget about the time that I Mentioned. The game is a sim and I think it’s more arcade. Just saying. Maybe they can fix it.

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befor they offer us such a System(which is very hard to Programm) they should give us racing hoppers.
at the Moment you cant have a real racing experience so why you should Need a Penaltiesystem for These 3 lap racing?

The people usually doing it don’t care about penalties. They care about ticking people off, having them yell and making He Mad videos to get 60 hits on YouTube. They go away when it doesn’t work or you get the whole lobby to boot them. Run in collisions-off or start talking and making enough online friends with people who run clean when you run across them that you can join parties with.

Oh it’s not hard to program f1 2013 has penalty system !! Also sim racing.

Even if it was easy it won’t stop them from doing it. Wreckers race to wreck not win. If they could hit you to make you lose to them that’s a victory. There is no way to get rid of them except for private lobbies IMHO.

Actually there is and I highly doubt it will happen because T10 is steadfast on matchmaking.

The solution is custom public lobbies and the removal of the hoppers (with exception to a few specialized types) and let the gamers police themselves.

The wreckers will find that they better straighten up or people will remember and the host will boot the guy just for showing up.

It’ll also be easier to find more skill based lobbies.

The only downsides are people getting booted for being too fast or slow (usually its too slow), hosts booting to make room for friends, nationality based boots, and leaderboard-type car based boots. However, those negatives don’t outweigh the mess that matchmaking has caused in this series. Its sad seeing a lot of good racers leave or play really infrequent and others just dealing with it to get their racing fix.

This is the best way. I have played in games on the PC that were ruined by a number predictor. Half the peeps enjoyed playing the game and half wanted to cheat. It was obvious that there was a major problem. The developers didn’t have time or inclination to sort it so they opened up private leagues and the game split in two overnight. The cheaters, for some reason, kept playing other cheats and everybody else was in the private league…it was about 3000 strong when I gave up playing. Everybody in the league played by the rules as the league mods would perma-ban any offenders. The banned people couldn’t complain as nobody cared and everything worked swimmingly. The league mods were reliable and fair as they had set the thing up and just wanted a gg.

and i was often very angry cause this System.
i dont start a discussion with you. but believe me with the right minded People in a Lobby, you dont Need that.
and yes its hard to Programm. cause it isnt so easy to judge what happens. in Close races not every Situation is so clear as you think.
or you leave the track to avoid a Crash or cause somebody pushed you. a Penalty for cutting is stupid. and to be slowed down isnt any better.
you see the racing world in black and White but you Forget the shades of Gray.
in my experience you just have to race with the right People. who knows whats allowed and whats not and than everything is a Gentlemans Agreement.
and idiots gonne be kicked so i had my best races.

Just because other games have penalty systems as part of the game does not mean that it’s an easy system to program.

Lol ok

most of the time both drivers are at fault for collisions,a time penalty would be unfair imo.

So how about driving off the track and getting first place. What do you think about that? You think in a race that they allow you to do that without getting penalize or disqualified. If I want to play bumper cars I’ll play Mario kart. Come on people.

Custom public lobbies solves this as well unless the host approves of such tactics.

Else, more sticky portions of tracks are needed which wont happen in this game. More sticky isn’t always good though if for instance you cut a corner to avoid a wreck.

Your questions are good and have been hotly debated since the hoppers came about. Don’t think anything will change because there isn’t a system that would work fairly in all instances.

And yes with the right people in a race you can have a great racing experience lobby .