Online cruising help

So, I searched around the forums, and I can’t see to find an answer to this, and please excuse me if this sounds like a bit of a dumb question, but I have to ask. Also, don’t hesitate to move the thread if it’s in the wrong place

I just recently switched to Forza 4 from years of Gran Turismo, and I’m loving the game so far. I was heavily interested in the many pictures I’ve seen online of groups of racers who are parking their cars in neat lines and taking awesome pictures like so, and I wanted to try it myself. However, whenever I park my car, or any of the other players in my room park their cars, they turn invisible, and the whole pics are pretty much ruined.

Is there anyway to stop this from happening? Are the other pics just photoshop? Will a club fix the problem? I hope someone can help me out

Are you trying this in the public lobbies? You can do one of two things. Either set up a private race with some friends, or create a custom public lobby labeled Just Cruising or something of that nature. Then make sure in your room settings you have collisions set to default or always on, and damage set to limited. That should eliminate the ghosting that you see occurring.

To answer your other question, photos posted within the game itself cannot be Photoshop-ed.


They should be visible on replay no matter what. So you could, in theory, do different things as a group, and then save and view your replay, capturing photos from it. Then, once you have them within your gallery, you can right click and download them, and Photoshop them if you wish.


See, that’s what I was told, that they would be visible no matter what, but it’s not the case.

My friends and I just wanted to get some shots of our cars in front of the waterfall at Fujimi Kaido, and when we stopped in front of it, our cars went ghost. Same thing happened on the replay.