ONE of the Weaknesses of Forza- WHICH ANNOYES

Hello. I have played Forza Motorsport since the first part and I can clearly see the dynamics of the development of the series. For the first time I refused to buy the next part of the game, we are talking about Forza Motorsport 7. One of the reasons is the replay mode, which has not progressed since Forza Motorsport 4. To be honest, this is the most poorly developed game mode. Watching replays, (with the exception of a few tracks) that are made just for show, hurt both physically and mentally. This spoils the overall experience of the game, despite the fact that the developers made a giant and elaborate game. As a driver, I want to watch realistic and beautiful reruns of my races, and I think I’m not alone. I hope in Forza Motorsport 8 we will see progress in this direction, otherwise even the most beautiful graphics will look awful and artificial. I think many people want Forza to bypass such games as projet cars, gran turismo in this regard. I want the developers to put their soul and passion into the replay mode (frame composition, realistic camera movements, like in TV broadcasts, unexpected angles).
PS … I really want to return again to Forza, which will delight us with new graphics, well-developed physics, replays that we want to watch over and over again. I also expect a more complicated economy in the game, so that every purchase of a new car is an event - we all know that human nature is such that he appreciates only what he gets with great difficulty. I also think that giving the player a new car for every championship won is a losing concept. I hope the developers will hear me.