(ONE) Nurburgring Nordschliefe Multi-Class Endurance Racing

I will be hosting a Multi-Class endurance race tonight on XBOX One at 11 PM EST (time subject to change) with classes B and S competing. I will decide who will be in which class as long as I get answers on here soon enough and there are enough people (minimum 10)


Must be a clean driver
Don’t be too aggressive and risk taking people out, this is an endurance race, you will have plenty of time to overtake as long as you can keep up.
Cars must be RWD

Due to the starting position, we will cruise until the first straight and then pick up speed when queued. Message Gagemb9918 on XBOX or reply here for you name to be added to the list, along with what car you plan to use (list one from B and S class each).

I’m game. I have B600 Aston Martin that’s reasonably fast (even though a bit on heavy side). As for the S class, it is the least played class for me so I’ll have to look it up or just use a stock S-class car or something . . .

Please no more than 2 hrs . . . I can do more but it does tax my bladder somewhat . . .

[update] my s class car will be Lambo Aventador.