one make racing

What do you think about the idea? Currently you can do it with four cars:
Exige S
Ford Lotus Cortina
one I forget
What does the community think about one makes?

I do no get the question.

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Certain cars presumably cause you to race against nothing but the same car. I know for a fact this happens with the Lamborghini Jalpa when stock.

I tried this by dropping an Alfa Romeo 8C down into A class in an attempt to do nothing but race against AI cars in the Alfa Romeo 8C. Not only did this not happen, since none of the other Super GT cars can go to A I was racing an A Class car against a bunch of S1s which was actually quite fun.

I wish we had an option in online/private Free Roam, at least, to set car limits like we could in Motorsports. Maybe I don’t just want to eace A Class, maybe I want everyone to use A Class and Modern Rally, or B Class and Classic Racers but we don’t have that option. I don’t know about forcing everyone into the same car, I find if you get into Private Free Roam (or Roadtrip for that matter) with friends or decent like minded people and you all decided to use the same car people tend to do so.