On PC - Keyboard - Car tires won't turn more than 30 degrees


Apologies if this has been asked before.

I just want to know if the following is normal.

During races and normal cruising, if the car’s wheels won’t turn more than 30 degrees max. Even if I stop giving it acceleration (Let go the up arrow key) and just steer it, the tires still won’t turn. In fact, the car will start to straighten itself, and once it is straight, it will start turning again. For example: A relatively tight corner comes during race, I slow down before, and start turning. The wheels gets stuck at between 20-30 degrees max. Only when the car is either sideways or completely stopped or nearly stopped (40 - 70 Kilometer per hour), do the tires completely turns.

If non sharp corners (The ones where you can slide) the car will start turning and after a couple of seconds of turning, it will stop doing that. It will reset its tires’ poisition and start turning again.

So my question is, Is this normal?

Again, I am playing on windows with a keyboard and for assists, it’s default preset of HARD.

The game is optimized for use with a controller, so I’m sure some issues will present themselves when using a keyboard.
I haven’t heard of this issue yet, but that’s probably because everyone uses a wheel or controller. I haven’t used a keyboard since NFS Underground on the computer. As for a fix, can’t really suggest anything because keys are not pressure sensitive, which I believe the game takes into account. With a stick or wheel, there is a wide range of motion to simulate real life turning and with a keyboard there is only up/down and no in between.
I play on an Xbox so I don’t know if the controls settings even has a keyboard option, but I would suggest you check that just in case there is. Otherwise, just get you a cheap controller.

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I have no problems with steering on keyboard, Never did look at the angle, as actual setting of the car will determine front grip and thous max angle of front wheels before they start to slip.
Putting on drift suspension will increase low speed angle too, but won’t change actual grip.

Game is helping you to keep the grip, as if it would push past, front wheels would just slip and you’d be going straight into scenery.

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It is normal, it’s the same on controller.

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First of all, Thanks for replies!

@PurpleAlien420 @El Barto inc Thank you. Yes, I will check with controller. Was thinking about buying one Xbox Controller for other games anyways.

@FullNietzsche Thanks for letting me know that! So, I will have to just adapt to it. Bummer. Oh well. That’s life.