Old FFB wheel

Hi, i come with a common issue. I use an old FFB “generic” wheel. And the problem ofcourse is, that FFB doesnt work in FH4. Every emulator except one crashes cause of EZFRD32.dll (Oldschool way of USB vibration?). The only program that doesnt crash and works is WoJ Xinput emulator, but the program for some reason makes the turning have like 20% deadzone and the FFB conversion from vibrations is pretty bad with barely any customization and i cant weaken the always active return spring, which is pretty strong. FFB works in Dirt rally, but i guess its an older game. Any suggestions would be welcome, although i doubt that anything could be done at this point with a cheap wheel. Thanks

Hardware doesn’t live forever, and while I don’t casually suggest other people spend money they may or may not have, it’s probably time in 2021 to look to ebay or other used venues for something slightly more modern. On the PC side even wheels from logitech that worked fine with the PS2, PS3 era are still viable…and used should be on the cheap…good luck.