Okay this is really getting old. Help wanted ASAP. @_@

Seeing that I’ve been playing the Forza Motorsport franchise since 2007 I can’t help but be pretty upset at the lack of support I’ve been getting from Turn 10 and Microsoft both. I’ve got the LCE of FM4, own every DLC pack including that let down Porsche pack, so if you do the math you will find out how much I’ve enjoyed the games.

Before I keep rambling aimlessly I’ll just say what the actual issue I’m having is in a nutshell:

I am sick of never being able to connect to Public Lobbies. This happens just about 3/4ths of the time.

I have a decent amount of knowledge on networking, but perhaps I’m missing something. Xbox Live confirms my NAT is open, etc etc. So why am I still having this issue?

Anyone having this same problem or know how to go about fixing this?

Have you tried clearing your cache and performing any other system maintenance you can ? Do you have any problems online with any other games ?

Indeed I have cleared the cache and still no dice. This is honestly the only game that gives me this problem.

Well if its installed on you HDD and your tried removing it and reinstalling it then you’ve exhausted my technical knowledge as from there I would probably progress to swearing at it and threatening it with a big hammer.

Is it just public lobbies ? hows your experience in private lobbies ?

Done and done. [Mod edit - WSD no bad language here though thanks] . Pretty sure nothing is going to work since every expletive and mean look results in failure.

Have you tried setting up port forwarding on your router?

Every now and then I’ll also cycle the power on my cable modem and router.

Neither is a cure all but they may increase your chances of connecting to lobbies.

Since day 1 of FM4, I very rarely (approx 1 in 30 tries) have ever able to connect to private lobbies. I can connect to the public lobbies 98% of the time. Been thru all the supposed fixes, clear cache, uninstall/reinstall, port forwarding, etc I have never been able to resolve this issue. Because of this issue I have missed out on a lot of league/club racing. It’s highly unlikely Microsoft or Turn10 will ever fix this issue because we are the minority. Very few people have ever reported this problem so there isn’t enough demand for them to look into it, especially now that FM5 and the Xbox One is out.