Offline Servers ruined my Dirft / Jump Scores

I bought the game Friday and have been playing every day so far. Twice now I have been playing when I noticed I couldn’t access anything online for about 2-3 hrs.
This is fine but in that time I went and did some Drift spots and Jump spots to make a new PB. Well this has 100% screwed up my scores at 4 different locations.
I have 2 jump spots that my PB is 1,000ish & 1,200ish but the leaderboard is like 1,300ish on the first one and 2,200ish on the second one. On top of that I have 2 drift zone that I did one with a PB of 150,00ish and another with 177,000ish. The 150,000 leaderboard shows I have a score of 120,000 and the 177,000 leaderboard doesn’t ever have a score listed from me. I have gone through and re drifted these spots 8+ times passing my old scores of 150,000 & 177,000 and they won’t update so i’m now perm stuck at these scores basically locking me out of content to do due to a server syncing glitches and my records aren’t even accurate to what I set in the first place. I have plenty of other drift and jump areas to mess around with but really sucks that 4 of them are now completely ruined.

To let you know the last server issue I had was on Sunday. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday after re trying these spots it has yet to fix it’s self.