Official Weekly FH5 Photo Competition - Week 024

It would be nice if there was a tire smoke scale in Photo Mode that enables you to scale the amount of smoke and the density of it. Right now, it’s very difficult to get a clear shot of a car mid-drift from the rear. A smoke scale would enable photographers to turn up the smoke for dramatic effect or turn it down for a clearer shot of the car.

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Gamertag : XplosionFR
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Thank you all for your entries for Week 024. The winners will be announced next week.

Check out our Week 023 winners just announced. Week 025 is now open for entries.

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Congratulations to the Week 024 winners! Please DM me your prize car choice and confirm whether or not you’d like your photo to be featured on our channels such as and our page. We’re also planning to highlight winners in our Forza Monthly livestreams.

These photos are now Featured in the game Photo Gallery for the next week. Head there to download and Like the winning photos, and give these creators a follow!

340 964 892 :star: JimsieAllen :star:

162 920 951 :star: hell factor :star:

520 993 304 :star: SweedishThunder :star:

139 026 434 :star: XplosionFR :star:


325 740 148 :star: IFondleMyPillow :star:

325 740 148


Nice work folks