Official Weekly FH5 Livery Competition - Week 107


Congratulations to the winners of Week 107! Please DM me with your prize car choice and confirm whether or not you’d like to see your work featured on our channels such as and Forza. We’ll also highlight winners in a future video. These designs will be featured in game through the fourth Friday in September.

Players can download these to use on your own car by heading to a Home or Festival Site Garage > Designs menu, then select Find New Designs, then search using the share code. On the search results screen you can choose to Favorite Design and also select Creator Info to see their Creative Hub and give the artist a follow.

101 794 232 :star: Enoo66 :star: Lexus LC 500 :star: “Toriyama lbworks” :star:

105 516 522 :star: JJsLL :star: Toyota Supra 2.0 GT :star: “Tomato Soupra” :star:

814 487 340 :star: marklew001 :star: Dodge Challenger SRT Demon :star: “Fire and Ice” :star:

573 068 021 :star: MARVAN Ai :star: Volkswagen Golf R ‘14 :star: "50’ anniversary" :star:

606 306 935 :star: MRHITZ12281 :star: Forsberg Nissan ‘Altimaniac’ :star: “Forza” :star: