Official Weekly FH5 Livery Competition - Week 090

I’ve been reporting this “tool” to support for almost 2 years.
Below is an example screenshot of generic responses that I always receive from the game’s support team whenever I report about the tool.

forza support

Really man, we can’t lose to a bunch of kids/immature people who think using hacks is “cool”…this is only happening because the game developers want it that way, that’s the truth, 2 years is more than enough for them to have blocked the tool.


Well said. This is a dear hobby and it’s truly saddening to see this kind of nonsense here. Seems kind of incredible to me that neither T10 nor Max have not stepped up with this debate.

Hall of Fame paints sounds like a cool idea but unfortunately I don’t see anything like it ever happening.


That would be awesome actually, like a page you can go to in the Creative Hub that has all the previous contest winners. I like it. Sadly we have no voice with the creators of this game, if this thread doesn’t prove to everyone that T10 doesn’t care about the Painting Community, nothing will.


Fully agree. @T10ManteoMax Should have seen this mess, contacted higher ups to get something going to fix this it, and he should have stepped in to moderate this thread in general. After all he is a paid Community Manager. When Llama saying this has affected mental health, THAT should have been the moment that Max stepped in. Mental Health is NOT to be taken lightly these days, it’s Max’s thread. The fact he has said nothing publicly about any of this, is despicable.

My most recent tactic, I submitted a ticket with support for Modding, because that’s what this really is, and it’s against ToS. I am going to keep submitting tickets until someone at T10 gets off their behind and does something.


I’ve been doing this for some time and I always receive generic responses from support, I hope you have better luck and if so, share them with us :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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I have relayed this conversation to the Forza team. If we have an update I will report it back.



Congratulations to the winners of Week 090! Please DM me with your prize car choice and confirm whether or not you’d like to see your work featured on our channels such as and Forza. We’ll also highlight winners in a future Forza Monthly livestream. These designs will be featured in game through the second Friday in May.

Players can download these to use on your own car by heading to a Home or Festival Site Garage > Designs menu, then select Find New Designs, then search using the share code. On the search results screen you can choose to Favorite Design and also select Creator Info to see their Creative Hub and give the artist a follow.

417 645 537 :star: Archduke67 :star: Honda NSX-R '92 :star: “Tegiwa Racing RB” :star:

856 271 974 :star: EaglezRock :star: Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE :star: “2018 IROC Nascar” :star:

871 437 607 :star: KoolIROCZ1967 :star: Porsche 911 GT2 '95 :star: “Vaillant” :star:

124 954 010 :star: Sprizouse78 :star: Subaru BRZ '13 :star: “Cusco BRZ” :star:

883 125 342 :star: Venom50th :star: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II '02 :star: “Drift Venom” :star:



Congrats to the winners!

About the other thing. I’m not going to comment on it anymore even if I’ve to say a lot of things. I’m interested to see what the Forza team will make out of it in general.


Thank you, I appreciate your attention on the matter.

And congratulations to all the players, beautiful designs.

Regarding the other issue, I hope the developers pay more attention to it and resolve it.

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Much appreciated and “Congrats” to all the winners. Great designs by all entries.


Well done winners. :clap:t2:


Congrats to all the winners!! Great work!!

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Congratulations to everyone

Congrats to the winners