Official Weekly FH5 Livery Competition - Week 077

Welcome to the official weekly Forza Horizon 5 Livery Competition! This competition is open to all players.

This week is open to all design types.

This week’s deadline is 2023-08-11T03:00:00Z (Thursday night Pacific time).

Judging will be done by Forza staff and winners will be announced on Thursday, August 17th.


Use the Apply Vinyls & Decals menu in Forza Horizon 5 to create and Share a design in-game. We will consider all shared game liveries via one or both methods:

  1. New designs: When saving your design, enter the current code words in the Description field. This week’s code word for the description is LivRev077. All designs with this Description will be found in search and considered.

  2. Existing designs: Older or previously entered designs that do not come up in search will not be automatically considered entries; you must post them in this thread. You do not need to update the description in game. Be sure to include your gamertag and the Share Code of the design.

We encourage you to add photos of your design to this thread so others can see it, which will also help us show off the winners. An elevated 3/4 view of is usually best for showing off as much of the vehicle’s surfaces as possible in one shot, but feel free to focus on a specific section if it the centerpiece of your work. Also feel free to describe your inspiration or design process, as well as link to a gallery thread of your other work.

While you can nominate a friend’s work for consideration, if selected they must communicate their approval to be Featured or not.


You may submit no more than three designs per week, with these caveats:

  • Only one design per person will be eligible for selection among the five winners.
  • Winning users from Week 076 are ineligible for selection among the five winners.
  • You may not submit entries with multiple gamertag accounts.
  • Users who share an excessive number of designs in a single week will be ineligible for the current week and the following week.
  • All submissions and comments must adhere to Forza Enforcement Guidelines - Note: We have a stricter standard of appropriateness for content to be featured on Forza channels - we cannot declare winning entries that include: phone numbers (real or fictional); alcohol brands; license plates with lettering that can be perceived as inappropriate; or entries from inappropriate gamertags, regardless of in-game enforcement status.
  • Note: We are continuing to look into third-party tools used to create liveries in Forza Horizon 5. However, in the meantime, users who are found to use livery import tools on their entries will be ineligible from being selected as weekly competition winners.


  • The five winning liveries are featured in game for six months.
  • Winners may also be featured on our page.
  • The individual winners will receive a gift a car of the player’s choice, not including DLC or Accolade-only cars. Exclusives and Hard-to-Find cars can be chosen. Winners are required to DM me (T10ManteoMax) with their choice.
  • Your photo of your design may be shown during official Forza livestreams and potentially on other official Forza social channels.
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Gt: Zly Tomaszek

2018 Mercedes-AMG GT 4Door Coupé


129 167 553


Hi everyone,

This McLaren design was inspired by their ‘Chrome’ liveries during the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Hope you like…

Car: 2021 McLaren 765LT
Share Code: 578 205 067
Called: Silverstone

Good luck peeps!!




Gamertag: Babtanian
Car: 1995 Ferrari F-50
Livery Name: S.T.A.T. v16
Livery Share Code: 793 742 972

Every week, a group of [STVO] Club members spend time tuning and testing cars for the Trial so that teams of two (2) can go out and help people win the event and get their 10 points. We call it the “Stevio Trial Assistance Team” (S.T.A.T.).

In order to easily identify each other and communicate our intent to teammates, I create a livery each week to serve as a sort of “uniform” for the team. This livery was the one we used last week.


87 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

“1985 Trans Am”
Sharecode 232 229 289


This Golf R is ready for Motorsport’s release! Falken Tires livery with a red stripe to break the monotony. #LivRev077

Gamertag: Turnballer
Car: 2010 Volkswagen Golf R
Share Code: 183 335 691


GT: SlowMotionFire
Livery: King Industries
Share Code: 972-781-835

King Industries - The World Is Not Enough - James Bond


Max Kruse Racing is using a Golf GTI TCR with that livery but slightly different sponsor stickering in endurance races on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Good job!

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Nice! Maybe one day I’ll make a faithful recreation, but I am happy what I have currently made.

Gametag : Koudy1076
Car : 1970 Datsun 510

Livery Name : UkrainePolice2
Share Code : 113 351 381 (113351381)

Hello, this is my livery of Ukrainian police. It is one of the many designs of their Lada. But this blue was used most often. Nowadays, they are rather replaced by more modern cars


Helping others with the Trial is very public-spirited of you, well done for adding something positive to the game.

Nice livery too. Do you always follow this colour scheme? Would make you easier to spot week to week.

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2022 TOYOTA GR86

TRD inspired livery, this isn’t an official one! Found inspiration through Pinchrest

SC: 181 419 989



2022 Toyota GR86
sharecode - 637 607 707



This was my first attempt at a comic book kind of design and it was one of my first designs I ever did💯

| Paint: Comic 350z V3 |
| Sharecode: 680 639 910 |
| GT: bgcarboy |



This was one of my first ever drift paints I ever did🔥

| Paint: Drift Legends V3 |
| Sharecode: 138 557 182 |
| GT: bgcarboy |


Nothing like a good hot hatch cup car. #LivRev077

Gamertag: Turnballer
Car: 2016 Renault Clio R.S. 16 Concept
Share Code: 141 286 181


GT: Lertzu96

2001 Acura Integra Type-R
SC: 528 864 860


GT: CmdrTomalak6330
SC: 683 786 149


GT: Andrew9565

SC: 162 815 950

Idea: Now before anyone asks- NO this is NOT an offensive livery. I recently watched the grand tour and remembered this. So I made a what if. So pls Forza do not ban me for no reason