Official Weekly FH5 Livery Competition - Week 023

Congrats to all the winners :+1:

Congrats :wink:

Thankyou kindly! Can I please get a Ferarri SF90??


there is a problem with the winners. The same nickname to participate with 3 different liveries, and he won. While it’s against the rules and not at all balanced compared to the other participants.

You are allowed to enter with all the liveries you want Edit: max 3. But just one of all the liveries you submit can win.

Ah, I hadn’t seen it like that. So, I can post my 270 livery to each competition?

You can resubmit content (though if a design doesn’t win after multiple tries, it might be time to try different content for future entries).

If a users submits more than one work, we make a preliminary decision on which one is the best and then include it with all the other users who submit only one entry. Please limit multiple entries to three at most.

If your previous entry did not win you can resubmit it. You don’t need to unshare and update the description, just indicate in the contest thread that it’s for the current week.


Hi Max, is that process to narrow a user’s multiple entries also used for the photo contests?

That’s correct, we approach Photo and Livery contest submissions the same way.

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Handy to know, thanks Max :+1:t5: