Odd VIR Patriot Alt track limit

Just been doing some races on VIR Patriot Alt and I got dirty laps all the time for a reason I couldn’t figure out first. Eventually I nailed it down to some very weird track limits, see the screenshot below.


Sorry for the poor driving, normally you approach the corner more towards the right so you can turn in better. But that entire “triangle” up there on the concrete is considered off-track and makes the lap dirty. It’s part of the side of the road for one of the other courses (Grand East or Grand West) when you approach this crossing from the opposite side, it makes perfect sense in that case. But when you come from the Patriot Alt side, it so heavily against the flow of 3-4 successive corners. This should be fixed IMO.


Yes I noticed that as well.

It took me doing one very slow lap to see where on the track it became dirty. From then on I just took a really wide line without any further problems.

Yes noticed it as well, i thought it was just me…the only think i can think of is that you have to be perfectly aline and entry and exit as you need to go deep almost near the grass to turn right, left then right. Can’t cut in much or it will dirty it, dont know if it’s a bug or just done on purpose so it can’t be cut.

I do think it’s a bug, otherwise that would be the most odd shaped corner I have ever seen on a racing track. Besides, if it was ment to be that way why would they make that part out of tarmack? It might as well have been grass then.

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