October DLC

Will there be an october dlc next Tuesday? If so, can we expect the announcement on Monday?

I mean, in addition to the day one pack since… You know.

Good question since in the rivals event named October dlc event it has a car from the day one pack

Hi guys. So I couldn’t find if there was already a thread for this so I apologise in advance if there is. My question is will there be a DLC coming tomorrow or not? I’m presuming not as nothing has been mentioned but I’m just curious.

The base game comes out tomorrow, november is when the Dlc starts.

I do not think so because tuesday is offical release date :slight_smile:

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Geez,early release was only Friday,wanting DLC already,we don’t even have the car pass downloaded yet,we just own it as of now.

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I didn’t say I wanted DLC, I was simply just asking if there was one or not. Thanks

Sorry if I sounded rude,no bad intentions intended.

maybe at half october , check on fm6 news when the first dlc pack came out after the release date

Well technically we already have the first dlc. Fate of the Furious car pack.