Oct 28, Xbox game audio still broken, still no seasonal rewards.

What gives??? This game has been out for almost a month and the game breaking audio bugs are still present on Xbox one where the game engine audio will start glitching and stop working completely until the game is completely closed out. On top of that, seasonal rewards STILL do not work after FOUR WEEKS on both Xbox and PC, along with no official response about it from Forza staff. I’m not trying to troll here but you seriously have time to push out surprise hot wheels cars but can’t fix or even respond officially to repeated complaints about issues with basic functionality of this game? If it wasn’t for PC audio working for me I would have already returned this game for a refund.

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I agree. I have completed every daily and weekly Forzathon challenge but haven’t received the seasonal reward not even once :frowning: This is especially frustrating for people (like myself) without Xbox LIve, cause those 30 (or 60) points make a big difference.

Please, Playground, fix this…

To top it off I’ve been playing the ultimate edition since the day it released and have never received double forzathon points as advertised, so don’t feel like you are missing out if you don’t have VIP, because it doesn’t work either.