NVIDIA Driver Game Crashes

I have FH4 on Microsoft Store Version my PC crash every 20-30 minutes, I try with NVIDIA Driver 531.18 and Studio Driver 528.49 have same problems. Do you have any advice ?

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I think I saw on another thread that AMD GPUs were affected as well, so it’s likely a game issue rather than your hardware. There is also a thread here which goes as far back as October:

However, to rule out your GPU and/or driver, I’d suggest uninstalling the graphics driver with DDU (it’s a legitimate program and free…I have used it in the past myself and have recommended it to countless others):


Run that which will completely uninstall your graphics driver…restart your system. Now go here:

On that page, select your graphics card, select your operating system and click search…it will list all the older drivers for your GPU…choose one from before the issue appeared so, if it started in October, then try one from before that. Once installed, restart the system and then try the game

I used DDU for uninstall graphic driver and install NVIDIA Driver 531.18 again, still same problem, PC crash after 30 - 40 min after play FH4, maybe wait for new driver :joy:

To find out if it’s the driver or something else, you need to try an older driver rather than the same one

Have you tried driver version 522.25?

i can confirm 522.25 works i use it 2