Sorry if this has been already asked/answered, but since they announced the night/rain tracks. Could someone please tell me if Nürburgring, is it the whole course that is on the night and rain track list or just the circuit?

Thanks in advanced

Nordschleife with rain:

Nordschleife at night:

When available every layout of the track has the different conditions:

See …


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scary. but the headlights look powerful. unlike gt5 where i could’nt see a thing

Max out the game brightness and train yourself to work without lights. The nights are bright enough to make headlights unnecessary (plus having them on darkens anything that the light doesn’t touch, giving you tunnel vision), and lights are just beacons for snipers and fighter jets anyways. The only time I’d recommend using your headlights is if you’re driving directly at someone that’s already seen you, as high beams make it difficult for them to see you in the car and shoot you.

It’s still good advice for driving in real life.

They’re everywhere.

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If you live in the Middle East or Russia, most definitely. Lol

A little too much GTA V, Yakov?

The Vision GT cars aren’t far off. Lol

Well would you look at that, me being an idiot may save lives after all. : P

Lol I don’t know what you’re talking about…

I only play FM4 and GTA V regularly because no other games seem to have any longevity. : /

I think his question is, does every ribbon/layout of the Nurburgring have night/rain, or is it just the Nordschliefe? For example can we run the Nurburgring GP circuit in the wet?

Yes you can…Dan Greenwalt did a gameplay with the track under rain.

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That video was the full Nordschleife plus the GP circuit, not just the GP circuit on its own.

Thanks Nürburgring is one of my favorite tracks and it would awesome to race on it in both rain and in the dark.

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i love driving at night on a dark road,no other car on the road and my high beems on. i like the tunnel vision you get and the 100% concentration on the road. nice feeling can’t be beat.

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I second that.
There’s just something about the night, the loneliness , that connects you to the road in a way that doesn’t happen in daytime or with other cars around you.

I was talking about GTA. Using your headlights on GTA Online is a horrible idea if you don’t wanna get yourself killed. They’re beacons for hostiles and completely unnecessary to see at night.

This seems like it’ll be quite enjoyable!

Will we have separate leaderboards for day/night/rain where applicable?

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According some posts in other threads YES, because every different condition on one and the same track counts as a separate track.

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Oh I’m a freaking moron… You said GT5, not GTA 5. >.>


Haha! :smiley:
And here I was wondering when they started introducing fighter jets in GT…

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he might be on to something

hatzenbach is a place people used to hunt (snipers)

flugplatz is loosely translated as airfield(jets fighters)

is forza 6 going this way? lol

im going to be extra careful driving the ring next time.