Nurburgring Photo Contest

We are hosting a Nurburgring photo contest.

So it’s pretty simple. Snap a photo of your favorite car on the “The Ring” or just snap your favorite shot of the “The Ring” itself.

In fact let’s do this. Two categories for Forzatographers to enjoy. Cars on the Ring and shots of the Ring.

Put “Ring Photo Contest” in the title of your photo so I can find them, and post them in this thread.

Winner will receive a cool million credits, second place 500k, third 250k.

Get your submissions in soon, winners will be announced Friday in the Week in Review.

Submission deadline will be 12 noon Pacific on Friday.

Winners of both categories will be featured in the Week in Review as well as a T10 featured photo in game.

Get ready for epicness Forzatographers.



where do we upload the pics to?

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YO BOY ROOOSTER - Snap pic in game, tag details,share & it will show up under gallery in the menu section (community) in this site! Why the hell am I showing up Tier 0 here when I’m in Tier 4!!!

Looking forward to this contest!

My entry


Not sure on the number of pics allowed John but can remove one if needed.

Car and track 1.

Car and track 2.



Hello, Old Friend.

Nice to see you again!

ring photo contest

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Sounds like fun!

Here’s mine:

It’s good to have the Ring back on Forza! Thank You!

Won’t be able to enter this one but good luck to all you awesome Forzatographers out there. Looking forward to seeing your creativity and mind blowing shots :slight_smile:

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My entry:

My entries:

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GT: BadRiver

1989 Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO
by Bad_River, on Flickr

Nürburgring Nordschleife
by Bad_River, on Flickr


Here’s my Rush-inspired entry


On the Karussell ( car shot ) design by Alpha Tide
Ring Photo Contest
My favorite turn on the ring the Karussell ( track shot).
Ring Photo Contest


Track and Car 1

Track and Car 2

Just Track 1

Just Track 2


Awesome Turns!

Luv this track, thanks!

Wait a minute, did I just see Hot Dogs ?!..(reverses)

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My car entry! Ferrari Brabham

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