nurburg, long beach, nurburg, long beach, nurburg

Why are these track so heavily rotated. Every time I enter a room, the next map is aways nurburg ring. Its seems likes evey 4 races we have to race nurburg or long beach. The ring is the worst track to race on in the hoppers.

Yup raced 4 race right back to nurburg ring. The track before that you geuss it , long beach.

Maybe because since they came out with these two map updates they added a handful of new achievements related to them and they require intense amounts of time on those tracks across various gameplay modes.

Drive 200 miles on Nurburg in Audi, BMW, MB, VW
Drive 300 miles on Nurburg in old Formula 1 cars
Get 20 career golds on Nurburg
Get 25 free play golds on Nurburg
Get 20 multiplayer golds on Nurburg
Finish 25 rivals on Nurburg
Finish 50 multiplayer races on Nurburg
Hit 200 mph on Nurburg in Modern Grand Touring Car
Race the ring under 7:15 in McLaren P1
Race the ring under 10:00 in Ford Transit SSV
Earn a gold on all 3 Nurburg ribbons

Earn 5 gold on LB in 1964 Impala
Race on LB full in Scion tC or Toyota GT86
Drive 300 miles on LB in modern Indy car
Earn a career, free play, multiplayer gold on LB
Get 20 career gold on LB
Get 25 free play golds on LB
Finish 25 rivals on LB
Finish 50 multiplayer races on LB

As you can see, these two tracks alone have 19 achievements between the two of them. I’m not saying this is 100% the case, but it does seem to make some sense.

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Since I made this post I only ran the ring, which doesnt bother me. I ran about 12 races in A class. 5 times we went to long beach.

I agree. Certain tracks seem to come up every other race. I would much rather have the tracks rotate with a chance to vote down the current track in the rotation. At least this would keep us from having to run the same tracks over and over again. The only thing i didn’t like about the way Forza 4 handled the rotation was the lack of track variants. I would much rather have a rotation like Forza 4 with a vote on which track varient the lobby would like to run.

what i want to know is why i have to run prague backwards every time i race there. i hate running tracks in reverse

You’ve got 3 choices, track a, b and random. Apparently long beach and the ring are tracks that people want. And whats wrong with them? At least these are great tracks for people that hate cornercutters.

it could be the class you are racing. i used to hate that little bean sized school track in r class. used to love lemans. i hate the alps because its wall rider central. if i was racing d class i would probably love the tracks i hate and hate the ones i love. you have to match the class to the track. try racing a higher or lower class and see what happens.

Lol cat school is way too “one line” even in the lower class. I dont like track either, but it don’t come all the time and short.
actually was bouncing around in different classes. When I noticed that some track were more heavily rotated in different classes. I actually really like long beach, it came 5 out 12 times when I was running A class. I hate racing the ring to the point I that stop racing b class.

While I raced the hoppers this happened to me as well but what got to me is shorter alt tracks for upper class cars and the opposite for slower cars.

I keep hoping for Nurbugring and Long Beach so I can get the achievements but the rarely come up. I get a lot of Prague and Road America (I love road America though). I get Sebring as well