Number of gears and Performance Index

There’s something I’m curious, Less gears equal higher Performance Index Points?

Forza Motorsport 7 have 4 models of Formula E, each model have a different number of gears and different PI

2017 1 Speed Formula E have 759 PI and only Final Drive can be adjusted

2017 2 Speed Formula E have 749 and only Final Drive can be adjusted

2017 3 Speed Formula E have 749 PI and only Final Drive can be adjusted

2015 5 Speed Formula E have 748 PI and all gears be adjusted

To be homologated you need to install a race transmission (5 transmission exactly like the stock transmission from 2015)

The thing is How a 1 Speed Formula E have 11 more PI than the 5 Speed if they are the exactly same car? Its very hard to believe that having 268 HP and 140 MPH in 1 gear is faster than sharing that into 5

PI is determined by how well the AI drives the car. The AI tends to shift early and will frequently shift back and forth between gears (both of which slow them down), and giving them more gears to shift through means they have more opportunities to screw it up. You’ll run into that with the Street transmission upgrade in a lot of older cars; you go from a 2/3/4-speed to a 5-speed and the PI drops a few points.

As for the 1-gear-wonder thing: Electric motors don’t work like internal combustion engines do. You get 100% of its potential power from 1 RPM all the way up to however fast it’ll spin, so there’s no need to change gears to keep the motor producing peak power. I remember reading a while back that the Forza game engine didn’t do a great job of replicating that difference so the devs had to approximate it, so what we ended up with may not be the most accurate EV experience out there.