In Single Player we only have the builder cup and that’s absurd because it’s easy to increase, copy the cup’s of the multiplayer in the single player, an do trade cups Honda cup, Porsche cup, BMW cup…

Other ideas not as easy:
A-We want to test all the cars, shorter championships of 3 races, for example a cup only for Honda Civic, one for Porsche 911…
B-Please implementat acceleration races, different categories, 4WD, rear, front, etc.
C-Drift Mode, with and without duels with other cars.
D- An off-road mode, with mixed asphalt and dirt tracks and others only dirt.
E-And more variety of tests, such as overtaking x cars in a certain time or doing a number of laps with a certain amount of gasoline, achieving a maximum speed, do some turns in a time and as perfect as we can…

Now it’s a good but so incomplete racing game.

Greetings Danrol

Yes single-player content is too light


I think it’s time for a new campaign, builders cup was ok, but not enough to say that it’s a complete game, it’s only like the first cup in FM7.

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I think they should update the buliders cup with more events, maybe add some tours in buliders cup


Single player campaign is too short and the month adding content is a joke.

Only with that, the game can improve completely.

-Upgrading need to be quicker.

-Creating and sharing our own championships.

Rest is fix the bugs and add tracks and cars.

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Now that the only type of progression in game was gone, the monthly content gets even more sub-part

It needs something that makes players that like progression fed somehow

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