NSU Prinz / 1000 TT / TTS 1964-1972 (Road)

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NSU Prinz / 1000 TT / TTS

This topic covers the road models of the NSU 1000 platform including the 1200TT, for voting on the race models click here.


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  • Prinz 1000 / 1000 C
  • 1000 L
  • 1000 TT
  • 1000 TTS
  • 1200 TT
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We already have one small rear-engined European notchback from the 60’s/70’s with racing pedigree in the form of the Renault 8, a page to request the Simca 1000 is also active now, just one car missing to complete this trio:
1970 NSU Prinz 1300 TT #524125 - Best quality free high resolution car  images - mad4wheels

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