Now that FH2 is on the brink of being released, will Forza 5 get better or...................

will online play be full of the same old usual trolls and drivers who crash on the first corner etc? Also will there be any new features to celebrate the release of horizon 2?

I am hoping that Forza5 will get better.

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I don’t think that you get it yet.

Ramming, dirty racing, and corner-cutting is to be expected in the public lobbies.

If you want some nice and clean racing, then race in a private lobby with like-minded individuals.

I know that it is sad… But it is also true.

The truth is all we should ever be looking for, all of us, about anything… With that being said there is absolutely solutions to cleaning up public lobbies that aren’t being done… With the age of the internet and now we have Kinect to provide video evidence, there’s simply no excuse other than laziness.

I think the public lobbies will clear up a bit. They did with F4 when FH was released. Anybody who likes the crashing has way more to do in horizon than they do in F5

For the gamertags you spot wrecking people, go into VIEW GAMER CARD, then Report or block, followed by Report, then select Unsporting behavior. There is then a box to fill in “CRASHER” - disruptive in races, causes wrecks, etc. Followed by Report to Xbox.

Those reports go to Xbox LIVE’s system, and rate those people down in the games. Have others in the races do the same, but don’t mention it during the races. Expected behavior is NOT wrecking and destroying the races.

Is there a point where these people get some kind of time off or banned?

That is the reason you file the reports, and Xbox Live’s Policy Enforcement Team can investigate. And, yes, they do issue bans based on disruptive gameplay, profanity, etc., except it isn’t just from one game, but from Xbox Live.

The PET personnel can visit the offenders in whatever game they’re playing, observe (and hear) what they’re doing, and issue immediate (you will now be logged out, read the message when you try to sign in to the service again) disconnections and suspensions of service.

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This is good! Thanks Owl.

I’m thinking the lobbies will get better in FM5 as the people who are more inclined to just racing around and having fun will move over to FH2.

I have a feeling that the people who enjoy painting and who are getting close to or have reached the vinyl group and livery file save limits will move over to FH2 and not look back for a long time. I’m one of those people, and I doubt I’ll be back in FM5 before I’ve spent a considerable amount of time building up a new vinyl group library in FH2. Add a lot of driving in this new Forza world, and I probably won’t be back in FM5 before Christmas, to finish off some remaining multiplayer achievements.

Im so sorry to say, but FM5 is dead. Don’t expect any new content at all. Don’t even expect them to release/update the monthly Rivals anymore either. Remember how it was when FH1 came out and FM4 was simply forgotten? It’s the same case here. Sad really…

I think you are wrong. We will see.

FH2 and Project CARS will slow FM5 considerably. I’m sure we will see continued suppurt with monthly rivals, but that is about it. A FM5 price drop along with the 399 XBONE should bring new poeple in I think.