November content update includes the GTR LM Nismo!

I’m never gonna get excited about anything ever again, surely this car isn’t the big surprise we’ve all been waiting for :frowning:

It’s not, but I’d hate for people to get carried away and then ultimately get disappointed at something that’s been built up through chinese whispers and hearsay. We do have something cool lined up, but no-one has come remotely near to guessing what it is yet, at least the posts I’ve seen anyway.

Hate to sound like I’m teasing more, but I think it’s fair to set expectations!


Oh Oh Oh Oh!!! Is it the rocket bunny body kit??? xD haha

Just to be curious, at what point can we expect it?

I can come up with a few possibilities, but I won’t say what they are, as not to disappoint myself.

Good to know Helios!

I’ve sat in this thing in real life (2015 WEC race at Silverstone), so it’s a cool and welcome surprise to see it added to the game.

I’ve already got a livery design in mind too :wink:

The Nissan can’t be bought at the moment - it comes back as “Marketplace error. This is exclusive content and can not be purchased at this time”. Suspect this will be resolved shortly, but just thought I’d flag it up.

I just want to confirm this. Same issue.

It’s going to be sharks with lasers attached to their heads, isn’t it?


it’s going to be the Sharkruiser!

ooohhh yeaaahhhh!

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Awesome! Shark laser tag lobby confirmed!

Is it just me, or, when in cockpit view, when the steering wheel is at full lock (left and right), the hands are blocking almost 85% of the windshield making it next to impossible to see out of (the nismo gt-r)??

Yeah I had a quick go last night, cockpit view is like sitting in a postbox with your hands in front of your face :slight_smile:

Yes indeed. Cockpitview is not funny in the nismo. But that isn’t in any lmp car with a closed cockpit.

Those closed cockpits are the worst for visibility but there was some talk of going all closed cockpit I think it was for the AMLS not sure there are so many different sanctioning bodies. Always good to have a new free car but it is an ugly one isn’t it?

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