November 3rd Patch breaks the performance

Hello together,

What I experienced before this patch was that settings always reset after each patch, after each driver. I could live with that. Also the performance on first race was really bad, stutters all over. After restarting the game I could run it quite smoothly.

Now: The game menu stutters like hell, also of course the races. On top the music hangs when the game is hanging, this results in crazy loops in the tracks. I resetted my settings, I went lower in quality than before and it is unplayable.

I can’t play this game in this state.

16GB Ram
i7 3770k

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Same…performance is worse at the same settings as previous, although can anyone confirm any changes to the graphics options menu? It seems different (apart from the added wet weather headlights setting)

I just want to play!!!

I had everything maxed before the patch, after the patch I found two settings on “high” which I could now change to “ultra”.
I think it was “car model quality” and “car texture quality” (or similar, can`t remember the exact names).

Only had a brief session (without Drivatars) yet, but so far I didn`t notice any difference in performance on my system.

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I thought that too…I used to run 1080p, 8x AA at 135% resolution, now I struggle to maintain 60fps at 4x AA Res at 100%??

I’m flabbergasted…

The game seems so much more demanding now?

That stinks. My game is way better after this new patch on PC. The menus are quick and smooth and gameplay is perfect. I wonder why some people have constant crashes and some (like me) never crash? The same thing happened with Horizon 3. People were having constant crashes and hitching when it first came out and I never had any problems. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a Windows Store issue. Hopefully everyone gets this sorted out.


I experience the same, in the menu before the patch, i had a solid 60fps v-sync with some stuttering when browsing through cars etc.

Now the menu is running arround 40-45 fps and 99% usage of the graphic card.

i7-3820 @4.3ghz
GTX 970

It appears we have a gpu leak now?
When i restarted the game, and when i got back into the menu, the menu was smooth again and the game had selected 1988 chevrolet monte carlo FE as the selected car. but when i was browsing through my garage to select my prefered car, the gpu usage went slighly all the way from 40-50% up to 100% and when i selected my car and went back to the main menu the gpu was locked at 99% and down to 30fps.

after this patch I´ve been experiencing one issue that is related with driving experience.
I´ve noticed that when I´m taking a curve it looks like the car adapts to it, like in an arcade game, not a simulation one.
It looks like a downgrade in the driving physics or something.
I don´t know if this is related with my driving helps or something.
Does anyone noticed this?

Thx for listening.

My game works flawlessly after the patch. I used to get lots of crashes especially in MP menus, while trying to change my car, to check out other cars etc. Now performance is great, I dont even get stutters anymore. Game used to use 100% of a core of my quadcore CPU (6700K), now that is fixed as well. I’m really happy with the update. Only downside is that GPU usage for the same graphical settings went up. I’ve been playing with everything maxed out on 1440p with my GTX 1070, and been seeing 50-60 percent GPU usage, its more than that now after the patch. Its not a big deal for me since I had lots of headroom for my GPU usage, but that could be problematic for some people.

You didnt by chance try it in the rain with headlamps-on ? Thats quite hard on performance (and tbh. quite useless).
So far I seem to be lucky, no change to performance here (on a 980TI).

I think ive had it with this game… the gpu usage went up and i can only play 1 multiplayer match and the second always crashes the game… the furthest i got was 4 matches! its just so exhausting, sometimes i forget it and think about playing forza and then i recall oh yea i can only play 1 perhaps 2 rounds if im lucky…
I thought i read alot about multiplayer fixes but i must have misunderstood.

Someone at T10 needs a good talking too. They have off-loaded workload to the GPU instead of the CPU. Hence the games performance is now terrible and over-utilises the gfx card. I went from 40% CPU load and 60% GPU load last night to 20% cpu load and 100% gpu load today. Combined with the fact the games engine REALLY likes to crash graphics drivers on PC, and you have a horrendous game.

I can return to 60fps if I now don’t use supersampling or 8x msaa, or, if I take the car detail setting down to ‘high’ from this new ‘ultra’ setting that is now available I can then use supersampling again! Madness!!

Not tried rain…yet!

I have to correct myself … ye, I get the same massive hit on performance. I probably didn`t notice it on my first tests because I race with fewer Drivatars in Freeplay.

With the two new “Ultra” settings I get drops down to about 40fps, otherwise using the same settings that gave me 60fps before.
I have to toy with the settings more, but its odd to see such a hit on performance from settings that are supposedly only refering to the cars, especially since I didnt really notice the change there.

On the other hand the whole game (environment) seems to look better since the patch / or with those settings, even though the patchnotes don`t hint at anything there. :confused:

Quite confusing …

Have not had a CTD since the update. before update the game was unusable. looks better, feels better and whats more I have discovered the finish line.

No CTD’s at the moment. All seems to be more fluently than before. Especially when arriving at a circuit, no more stutter in the first few sec while the camera pans around slightly. Also, browsing in the garage, the cars are loading more rapidly than before. Shifting left to right in the garage, scrolling from one manufacturer to the next, does’nt show any stutter on my system. DIdn’t test the MP yet. What i did notice in Free Play is that the kamikaze drivatars still ram into you while you’re standing in the pits looking at your pre-race menu, mainly happens after changing a car.

** i5 6600K - 16GB - GTX1070 Gainward Phoenix - installed on SSD **

Here is a screenshot… AI Porsche kamikaze!

It’s ridiculous that even this was not fixed during the massive Nov 3th update!

Maybe it`s just a new kind of memory leak.
Twice now I had career races starting with poor fps. I did stop those, quit the whole game, come back to the very same race and it would suddenly run at 60fps again.

Aside from that I also noticed pre-race car selection totally acting up, with thumbnails and models not fitting together anymore (showing different cars).

The environment graphics certainly improved a lot, whatever they did there. To me it seems both texture and lighting quality got better.

Quoting Mechberg, “We’ve heard from the community that you want more detail as to what goes into Forza Motorsport 7 updates.”

Good notion, but actually getting the detail info would be nice. The two new Ultra settings aren`t even mentioned, nor any PC graphics changes.

All is still going well for me, hope it will stay that way. Think i was close to 300 CTD before the last patch. Now, for me, everything stays very fluently. No dynamic but manual set to the highest setting @ a res of 1920*1080 (60FPS V-Sync ON). Still, some kind of paranoia kicks in when the screen goes black after a race just before going to the payout screen… will i get a CTD? hahaha! Overall lighting and textures on the cars look great also now with beautiful shiny paint jobs. Keep the patches rolling in T10, as some people still have issues. I’m glad am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel… at least for now… tok tok, knock on wood!

I’ve sent them a video of mine. It was great before the patch, a few stutters here and there but nothing too bad given it’s a new release. Now on unlocked framerate its jumping around from 20-144 and occasionally hangs for a good 5 seconds. On locked 60fps it works ok but hangs basically on every corner, and unlocked 60fps runs at 72 which is great, but again hangs a lot. Is there any way of going back to the previous release?