not sure i want to report this glitch ( kinda funny)

so i was adding the widebody option to the 05 m3 can you spot the glitch? not sure if i want it fixed lol

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It’s designed for online racing. New ram safety preventions. :joy:

i actually dig the dual spoiler. it’s the reason why i have two of these cars in my garage, one of them with this configuration. i do wish they’d fix the raindrops on the camera inside though.

Pretty sure they’ve got much bigger issues to fix that actually affect gameplay - though knowing them they’ll concentrate on these instead of fixing the actual game.

Or removing workarounds for issues with the gameplay.

What about fixing the broken accolades and missing seasonal events that people actually got but were never given ?

Doubt it, but if someone came up with a 3rd-party tool to fix it, I’d put at least $50 on them playing wack-a-mole with breaking whatever methods are being used. They can’t anyone fix the game.

I agree. They need to focus more attention on afk exploits and wheelspins.

You should test it off a Danger sign it might fly further…lol.

They might remove the widebody option.

Just curious, did the views count in game on your pic?

Somehow there are 3 month old youtoube videos regarding this glitch. The possibilty to put a second rear wing as well as the raindrops on the screen indoors. So no need to report this stuff as it is already on there known bugs list…