Not getting Blizzard Mountain achievements

As the title suggests I’m not getting any of the achievements from Blizzard mountain, not even for opening the festival. Anyone else having this issue?

Are you connected to xbox live while you are playing

Yep, connected to Xbox live, chatting to friends in a party. Tried again today, still no Blizzard Mountain achievements working, but forzathon achievements are.

I had the exact same problem. Come to find out the latest Forza update removed Teredo from my PC so my PC was not connecting to Xbox live. Im missing the start the festival one and reaching Tier 2 so idk if im screwed or if Turn 10/Playground are going to fix they screw up and give us the achievements.

Update! Achievements have started working again, however the “Welcome to Base Camp” achievement for opening the Blizzard Mountain Festival location is still locked.