Not connecting to servers

I’m trying to view my messages on Forza 6 but it’s coming up with unable to reach servers, I get same on multiplayer. My friend has tried on his Xbox on his profile and gets same results. Also all the turn 10 cars have become unavailable even thou we own the full dlc . They are in our garage but directs us to the store then crashes. Anybody else getting these issues?

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For a couple of weeks now neither FH2 nor FM6 have connected to servers at all. No daily payouts, no multiplayer and so on. Turn 10 just shut down support queries. They do claim they offer limited support for matchmaking but that doesn’t extend to the concept that no-one can actually access multiplayer to do any matchmaking.

Additionally for the same period of time the Rewards payouts for FM5, FH2 and FM6 have stopped. Daily payouts for FM5 still work, though.

Shame it’s gone this way, I checked F5 today and nothing works online. Why do turn 10 keep giving credits for game that no one can actually claim!!!

Me and my friend prefer F6 multiplayer but 0 support for turn 10 is absolutely stupid. They should actually try to support their player base, I know FH5 is right round the corner but come on, not everyone is into horizon.


So this is what I got after I submitted a ticket.


Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. Unfortunately, we no longer actively support Legacy Forza titles. Limited support is still available for matchmaking and leaderboard services.

While we appreciate you taking the time out today to write in to Forza Support, we sadly are unable to take care of this request."

Funny thing is I get this morning FM5 running with 70 new messages (all from the reward program) got me around 35 million credits and I could buy all missing cars. But FH2 and FM6 where you get loyaltiy rewards until mid 2022 you can’t open the messages?

That’s ridiculous - even the my bought and paid Porsche and Nascar DLC did not work anymore on FM6 - in game it says I have to buy it and when I click on that message to be led to the microsoft store it is stated there that I already own the content.

Same with the Horizon 10 years anniversary cars - I own them, have them in my cars selection but cannot drive them - same in FM6 as in FH2.

And I seen a video on youtube published a few days ago where ericship111 could play Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast’n’furious online with other human players. So FH2 FnF and FM5 could contact their servers, but FH2 and FM6 don’t do that anymore?