Not buying it! agine...♠

Absolutely Horrible!!! Again MS!

No higher bumper camera that’s been on 1-4 Forza???

Again not buy it… Can’t run the newer bumper camera. When behind a guy. Which tends to be alot in racing…
I can’t see through their windshields like in Forza 4. When bump drafting someone in my muscle car.

I would like to see and know when to get off. Or what’s the next turn or wreck ahead is coming… Nope just Hot lap camera. Hood which is a distraction from the glare and shadows. Which do look nice yes. But again not buying it.

The camera allowed me to see when I was lossing control from the motions of the sides. When in chasse, hood or cockpit. You loss that ability.
Like Sr seeing the wind. No lie.
True HC Forza know what I’m talking about.

The new hotlap low bumper camera gives that to us. But with a horrible side effects of seeing nothing but crome… Not cool at all.

Plus your vibrations are still off! Forza 4 your tires would vibrat a little. Like a little hum. This is correct in real life. As the tire are telling you they are at max load. The vibration hum is gone. No true feel. Again…

Then in 5 and 6 are demo is going to show the newest and hardest tracks possible. Right off the bat. No or lack of room to pass at London and Brazil. Then go to Lime Rock. Turn of the most of everything. To keep continuing get launched off track because of the curbs! Really? Plus WHAT THE HELL KINDA SETUP IS IN THE RX7!?

When Nicky Louden told the mechanic’s at Ferrari.


“How can u have all these resources and these cars are crap!?

You can’t say that!

“What!? This is crap!?"
I just did…

Gave me a reason not to quite Forza 4.

Had a bad feeling how fast you came back with a new one.
Hoped you brought back most of are favorite camera!

And no. And no on the vibes.:spades:

HC 20mk not buying another Forza game. 4 in a row!!

Nice job MS. My dreams of racing on the BONE.
Smashed like the drivers behind me.




For every one person that doesn’t like this game there will be 100 that do.


So why did they release a new one in less then 2 years!
Because the last 3 sucked.

Let’s drive through a corn fields and smash into a fence we can’t see doing a buck 80 in a 69 vet.
Something wrong with that!

Don’t you agree!?

Oh yeah the music sucks too! Sounds like Halo and inception mixed together!

Jaws is coming.

And this coming from a tuba player.


Just heart broken.

Again… :spades::spades:

Forza 6 is the best Forza to date imo.


Didnt bring the camera us old hips used to drive. Not that hard to figure out ms.
And lost that real feel with the vibes.

By the way y’all won’t win this battle…

This game is garbage again. Nothing new. Same c rap.

How much money have you lost from me MS.

Total. Least $500 because of this with all the DLC?

Forza 6 - 10 year anniversary = new game every 2 years. Simples

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They didn’t need to between 4 5 how long almost 4 years…

Yeah whatever…

Just add in new cars doesn’t mean we need a whole new game every two years!

Oh! What a great idea…

Sounds like you’re just mad that you’re not very good at it.

Bumper cam is lame. Cockpit or nothing.



Uninstalled deleted trashed garbage!

12.5 GB of free space.


Amen!!! We finally have a game with an awesome cockpit expierence. No reason for the other cameras!

Camera from the old Xbox 360 that u took off!

And fix ur vibs.

I don’t care if fora 6 is ready to install.

Because I won’t ever!!

@Hardcore20mk. Why start posting about Horizon 2? You need attention? They have demos.

No I don’t agree. Motorsport comes out every 2 years and Horizon comes out every 2 years. They have done this to capture both markets. Horizon covers Test Drive and such and Motorsport covers Gran Turismo and such. I feel that you are a fan boy of some kind that is unhappy that his Fony has no real depth in it’s so called games. When they do bring a game out it smells of old recycled trash from 3 or 4 versions ago and has 900 Nissans and any other racer/open world has no Nissans at all. These are just examples. If you do reply to this I wont even bother to read as you already out stayed your welcome. Bye.

The butt hurt is strong with this one. Get off your high horse and quit whining.

Must be a butthurt GT fanboy
Youve made your point.Later…

Only thing I can suggest mate is forget about cameras and start to race, much more fun in that.