Not able to access DLC cars

I’m not able to use any of my dlc cars from my garage. Purvhase options tab comes up but doesn’t load. I have already bought the cars, some even 2 to 3 times over just for different liveries/tunes.

im only having this problem with two cars. the #66 ford gt race car and the chryslus rocket 69 . it tells me there dlc. when i click on them it tries to get me to by them but can’t load the screen i have driven them before please help

Had the same problem. Went to “manage game” and the content was there under “ready to install”. Only question is , why did it uninstall?

anyone here have solution yet?

As someone said above. I still own the content but it had uninstalled itself. Go to Manage Game on the console and any missing DLC should appear ready to Install. No idea why its happened, but at least you can get your cars back.


Most of you went rught past this. This solved my problem.

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Well I bought several DLCS after recently buying the game last week and while I have confirmed that I bought the packs, AND tokens that still are not showing up from a Microsoft rep, uninstalled and reinstalled and several other things I certainly DON"T have access to ANYTHING I have bought so far. Right now I am feeling quite poorly about my choice to buy Forza 6 and Horizon 3.

I’m having the same issue as well, I’ve purchased both the VIP and Car Pass DLC alongside the 10th Anniversary (which came free) and yet I can’t use any of the cars or bonuses. Hopefully it gets looking into soon

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I have the same issue with VIP. I have tried clearing blu ray, deleting my account from my xbox, and resetting to factory defaults to no avail. I went through a chat with Microsoft to try these things to get no where

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Yeah I don’t even know how many times i have tried so called “fixes” and yet nothing still works, not even the double bonuses from the VIP

iv got exactly the same issue

apart from i can access the 2 expansions and cars but literally nothing else!

vip/car pass/tokens i purchased/other car packs

very annoying
they need to get a fix in place asap as its unacceptable
especially when people spend their hard earned cash to purchase the game and all its dlc!

come on turn 10 pull your finger out

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There is a fix. It was posted near the bottom of page one, and I quoted it in the post right above yours.

A fix has to work for everybody and that “fix” didn’t work for me so technically it isn’t a fix.

Except that didnt fix EVERYONES problem.

I only had 4 car packs that I had to reinstall. The rest werre still installed. Game still won’t let me use my ford gtlm #66 from my garage. And I haven’t seen the supposed lambo that others have assumed caused this problem.

Same deal with Hot Wheels purchased today, no free cars.
I purchased Top Gear not a week ago, and I got the cars as soon as it finished downloading…
But this time, no message on the DLC tab, no free cars.
Fix please.

Same issue with the #66 Ford GT in my garage that said it was DLC. Several people mentioned it earlier in the thread that you have to go to Manage Game (button with three lines when game is highlighted). For some reason the 2016 #66 Ford Racing GT Le Mans was on the not installed list. Just click on it to install it and everything was ok. NOTE: This FIX was for the cars that show up in your garage but say DLC on them. Other DLC issues may have other fixes.

Same issue. Bought ultimate but none of the cars show in free cars. Everything i got says its purchased, i just cant use it and wants me to buy it again or says already installed. All the add ons are installed none of them uninstalled themselves. I just regret spending the extra money for nothing


Yup this issue is really annoying & a bit rediculous now.
We have all spent a lot of money on this game & it’s add ons & we simply are not receiving what is described / promised.

I don’t go to Walmart & buy toilet paper to not be able to access & use it… sure it’s a different store but same shart right?

All my cars from the dlc car packs have appeared back gradually over the last week. Today I actually got the free cars from the Top Gear pack,hot wheels pack and summer car pack that I purchased and installed last weekend. I also got the change racing Lambo gift as well. My tokens were returned as well.