Nordschleife really needs update

Nordschleife in FM 23 needs an update.
Remove the lamps, remove the flags, correct the track and vegetation.

How can it be that T10 turns the charismatic Nordschleife into a fantasy setting? Nordschleife in ACC feels so much better and looks like the real track.


Won’t happen. Go back to the FM 5 version, I think that ooks more desirable than this one.

The difference between making a game with full fledged passion and half heartedly.


There is a thread about the lamps.

And about the flags around the track.

Make sure to upvote it.


Have already voted those up. We need more people pointing this out but we don’t have enough people playing the game anymore.


Do we, though?

Too many flags seems several hundred miles beyond triviality, given the other issues facing the game.


They can’t remove the flood lights until they drastically improve players headlights. Right now headlights only illuminate 50m down the road, which is why almost every apex in the game has a light shining on it at night.


@I_Arcturus_I , you know, yes we do. It’s like this; if they can’t be responsible enough, dedicated enough, and have enough pride of workmanship in the little details of the game, then how can we expect them to have those attributes towards the larger issues within the game?

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There’s literally nothing to do in this game and ya’ll worried about extra flags and street lights. :skull:

Worry about staying on the track for a full lap… cause 75% of you can’t even do that.


It’s one thing to complain about the accuracy the the track map, curbing, foliage, etc., which would be a legitimate argument, but complaining about surrounding dynamic track items, the track lights are portable lights with generators which are real world items, not permanent, so who’s to say that those particular items wouldn’t be used in the real world, same goes with flags, go to enough race tracks over the years you will see these things change.


Since 2005 im into Simracing. I have done arround 12000-15000 laps on the nordschleife over the last 2 decades in diffrent games. The ring is litteraly the only track i drive. Now the weird part… in FM8 i realy struggle to make a clean lap, even in 400pp cars.
It feels just wrong at some corners, some times i dont even know where i am…
They should turn off the servers and delete this game.
Yesterday was Nordschleife release for Assetto Corsa Competizione, look at this beauty!!!

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So I’m assuming, from checking the YouTube channel, the right side is the ACC side. So what’s with all the junk around the side of the track? It looks like ACC took a page out of T10’s playbook, and enhanced it. I really like the looks of the one on the left and wish we could get a track that looks like that.


Yeah that ACC version also has all that misc stuff around the track that shouldn’t be there.

Well i said it right after the Nordschleife got released, all these lamps and useless decorations have to go away. It’s not only on Nordschleife, i mean on all tracks. I also don’t want helicopters, airships (zeppelins), all these small airballoons and THE FLAGS etc. it’s only useless clutter that doesn’t have anything to do there.

I HATE the helicopter on Spa that dissapears into thin air in front of my eyes and the airships on Laguna Seca etc. i really really hate it with every fibre of my body.

It seems they have ppl that decorate the tracks, like they would decorate christmas trees. They just do what feels right and not how it really is how it should be.

FM7’s Nordschleife was 100x better than FM23’s. It didn’t have any of that useless clutter and it was pitch black at night how it should be.


Let me get this straight. Because you struggle with FM23’s version of Nordschleife, Turn 10 should turn the servers off and delete the game?

Here’s a novel idea. I hope this makes sense and is easy to follow. Are you ready for it?

Do that on your end. Uninstall the game and delete your backup saves.


ACC is specifically trying to replicate the 24hrs of the nordschleife. The trackside detail is mostly accurate.

Forza is just doing… Forza. I don’t mind if they’re also trying to replicate the 24hr event, but they’ve gone overboard and should have spent the time actually fixing the track surface instead.

The lights are the only real problem I have because they directly affect gameplay, but they’re probably only there because the headlight attention radius is super low.

The real problem is that the track itself is a direct copy of FM5 with remastered textures. The FM5 version was extremely inaccurate at the time and is only worse now. All after Chris Esaki specifically stated numerous times that the nordschleife was rescanned, remade, and would be the most accurate in forza yet (when it was first announced as delayed).

I don’t have ACC to compare to, but I think it’s pretty obvious in pictures like this. The kerbs have NEVER been this flat in any year you could go to the nordschleife. It’s a mistake, yet it’s replicated down to the exact polygon.


Ok, if the attempt is to recreate a point in time then I guess I can understand the effort. But I still like the plain track better. Now on your photos, is the bottom photo a real track photo? For the comparison?

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That is obviously a real photo, no game has such graphics.


Ps, if you reply directly to a comment, the poster gets a notification.

Anyway, the bottom is a real photo. You can see the kerbs are much higher, definitely not flush with the road. In other parts of the track forzas kerbs are too high, but the point is that the inaccuracies are identical to FM5-FM7, so the claim that this was rescanned is objectively false.


Of all the videos to pick he chose one from Kireth.That guy flip flops with his opinion from one game to another,depending on the weather.
I still remember his video banging on about a secret part in GT7. It was just an adjustable diff. :smile:


@JohnDoe9302 , I think the old Nintendo wii golf game had such graphics but they stopped trying to make good games like that since then.

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I was waiting for him to bring up the trackside flowers and ask if anyone can tell him what they are, whilst travelling at 180mph as you do in racing games