[Noob] Where is the Message Center to collect Forza Rewards :) ?

Hello :slight_smile:

I just started the game for 2 hours, built the second horizon festival hub, but i still don’t know where the message center is.

Would anyone kindly tell me where i can find my mails for the Forza Rewards credits please ?

Thank you and sorry if this question seems stupid…

Edit : Maybe on the Social tab ? It’s still greyed out though, could someone tell me how to unlock it ?

Correct; the Message Center is found under the Social tab.

Keep playing and you’ll unlock it soon enough :slight_smile: I don’t remember exactly when you unlock it though, but it didn’t take very long.

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Yup, i just unlocked it once arrived to the second festival meeting :slight_smile:

Looks like i need more patience, thank you !


1.Select Anna (down on d-pad). 2. select “I need fans” from the menu. Anna will direct you to the next festival site as soon as that is an option.