Noob Update + a Question:

Hello all Captain Noob here (in my 9th week). Just wanted to thank everyone who has posted helpful tips here. you have saved me a lot of wasted time and much gnashing of teeth (maybe that’s a stretch. I’m 77 years old, so not a lot of teeth left. :).
I also wanted to say I had my best best morning today. Bought Bamburgh Castle and picked up several great cars with the Ten Triple Spins. Then I got the 31 Bentley in the Barn Find, so I plan to spend the rest of the day driving around Mini-Britain in my silver Bentley while pretending I am a pompous English Lord! :slight_smile:

1 QUESTION: In the Volvo Challange is the mileage cumulative (say 6.5m + 6m) or is there a trick I am missing to plot 12.5 miles? I wasted a lot of time trying to plot it and failed miserably.

Cheers, Captain Nemo

Just drive around a bit. Really, thats it.
No need to plot a fancy route, just a bit of cruising.

Hi there Captain Nemo. It’s cumulative. Ride around until you get to your 12.5 miles. It will show how many miles you have driven on the weekly Forzathon ‘window’. But you have to do all in order, so the 12.5 miles only starts once you finished the requirements that comes before the 12.5 miles
Weekly Challenge:
Must be done in sequence to count.

  1. Own and drive the 1997 Volvo 850 R
  2. Win 4 Road Circuit events in the Volvo 850
  3. Take the Volvo 850 out for a 12-mile drive
  4. Earn 5 Ultimate Drift or E-Drift Skills in your Volvo 850

And it also shouldn’t matter if you at some point of driving that 12.5 mile trip decide to switch to something else, it should continue, when you’re back in your Volvo 850R.

Thanks all. Taking the Volvo out for a long drive now. :slight_smile: