[NOG] B600 Re-Amemiya Street RX8

Mazda RX8


TUNE : NoGoldie

PAINT VIDEO : Re-Amemiya Street RX8

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PAINT : motorsw
TUNE : nog


TYPE : Grip

CHARACTERISTICS : Solid, easy to drive car with plenty of speed to handle most situations

ACHIEVEMENTS : Top 100 @ Watkins Glen Short 1:20.xxx


Nice work guys, i love me abit of NOG

Will pick this up later

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Hi i just downloaded it, will try this one out wen i get home.

Thank you to those who are trying the car out … let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Hey Goldie, good to see you back for 6, had to be one of your biggest tune fans in FM5, I think it was your 69 Trans Am?? on SPA that made me a fan. so will deffo look into what you do on FM6.

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Very nice guys

Nice tune NoGoldie. Thanks.

Very nice car in every way both paint and tune are awesome great work guys!

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Quality car here chaps, both tune & paint

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Again … thank you to everyone for trying the car out and for the kind comments … it’s what keeps us going to be honest

Looks to be a great combination!

I remember your RX-8 in FM4. It was a fun car and I’ve no doubt this one will be the same so I take it without hesitation.

Thank you for remembering that car … This one is in my opinion a little more stable and easier to drive :smiling_face:

Adding this to the long line of cars to pick up after work today. I’m excited to try it out since I don’t have an RX-8 in FM6 yet.

Really stable and predictable car to drive. Nice tune!

My only complaint is with the game’s FFB implimentation on the wheel; when you have a car that is so easy to drive through the corners, there’s very little feeling in the steering wheel.