No wheel movement in replays with a Fanatec DD2 on Xbox One X

Hi everyone, a long time Forza player here but this is my first time posting on the forums. I just wanted to check if anyone else has experienced/has a solution to the problem where there is no wheel movement when watching back the replays in FH4. I used to use a Thrustmaster TX on Xbox One X and had no problems whatsoever, but after switching to a Fanatec Podium DD2 the wheel remains static in replay mode, despite being perfect in gameplay, which is a big problem for me as I do a lot of footage capture for videos on my YouTube channel, so I’m pretty much stuck filming drag racing at the moment.

Any advice or confirmation of an upcoming fix would be much appreciated (also apologies if I haven’t spotted a previous thread).

All the best,


So I’ve recently revisited Horizon 4 and reinstalled everything to check that that wasn’t the cause of the issue, however the problem still persists. As before the wheel functions perfectly when driving in-game, the animations of wheel rotation having no problem whatsoever. The replay mode however remains static (apart from a slight vibration that can be seen) with no clear display of rotation when the cars change direction. It’s pretty disappointing, particularly as this problem is nonexistent in Forza Motorsport 7 or any of my other racing titles on Xbox One X. My frequent postings on social media have all been ignored and, though I desperately want to feature Forza Horizon 4 gameplay on my YouTube channel, I’m loathe to due to the sheer ridiculousness of throwing a car around tight corners with a completely static wheel.

Any update as to if Playground Games intend to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Looking at ways around the problem, why do you want to feature replay footage, why don’t you just record the original gameplay footage with the correct wheel movement?

Yep, a fair point, but then I’m stuck with the checkpoint markers counting down the distance (another thing I’d definitely like to see removed)