No VIP gift cars?

Aren’t there supposed to be monthly VIP gift cars like in FM6 when you have a VIP membership? I thought the first one would have dropped in October. I did get the Halloween gifted car though but that’s it.

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Halloween gifted car? I didn’t even get such a thing. Are you sure that wasn’t related to forzathon and not VIP?

It was from the Halloween livery / photo contest that ran until October 27th, was a sticky thread here on the forum for several weeks.

Ahh, that. Completely forgot about it to be honest lol.

Yes I just got it in my message box as well. :slight_smile: A bit weird to add Liberty Walk to a livery of a car that has a Rocket Bunny upgrade. :slight_smile:

Is the car bugged in your garage as well Manteomax? In the game and in ForzaVista I can see the livery but in the garage the icon of the car is just plain white. It’s the same with that Halloween Dodge Viper I got. And also the starter car I picked (Maloo) is white on the garage icon but green in-game.

Anyone else having these inconsistencies between the garage car icon and what you actually have in-game? (happens on both PC and XBox One for me for some cars).

Aye, the Viper from the Halloween Bash is black in my garage too, not checked this VIP car yet.

I just discovered a workaround to fix it, done this on both the Viper and the NSX-R. If you install a visible upgrade (wing, bumper, spoiler, …) and save it, apparently the garage icon is forced to update and it takes the correct livery. You can afterwards reset your car upgrades/tunes to default again but the correct livery stays.


If it’s anything like my game though, unfortunately, the visible upgrade stays too.


Someone who still has police lights displayed on their stock Crown Vic.

This also happened to me after returning the Toyota Trueno to stock upgrades after the S14 Forzathon. It’s a really easy fix though: get in the Crown Victoria, go to Upgrades and pick any upgrade that doesn’t change the visuals to the car, like an Air Filter or a Flywheel for example. Install the upgrade and then remove it by selecting the stock part. Back out all the way from the upgrade menus, confirm the upgrade and the game should save. Now you have your stock Crown Victoria without cop lights.

You don’t need a visible upgrade to fix the glitch … just load a tune. Get it a different, non-VIP gift NSX and create any tune, even saving the default if you want. Then get in the VIP car and load the tune … glitch fixed.

You can also just load a tune and it cures this glitch. The same glitch and cure were also in FH2.

BTW, I was gifted 2 of the dragon liveried NSX’s, not 1 … is that normal?

Ahh, interesting. Cheers!

Thanks, very helpful. I sold the VIP car by accident because I thought it was some random car I got and when I went to the garage I saw I already owned one, both were plain white. The ingame gift message should at least make it clear that it is about the monthly VIP car. I thought it was for the Forza RC week 1. Anyway you can easily by a VIP car from the auction house for 50K CR. I guess a lot of people mistook that car for some random pointless gift.

Glad to see a VIP gift car, was thinking that feature had been cut. Always feels nice to turn on your game and see a gift :slight_smile:


and again, i get sent two of the gift car.

Hey, that’s two cars you did not have before, i would consider that a bonus!

Hehe, two is definitely better than one. But whenever I get a bank error in my favor, they take the money back. I’m paranoid.

I got 2 NSX’s as well. They are identical, but they are different. One has LB*Works logo, the other has Rocket Bunny. But both have the dragon.

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I got 2 as well but can’t find them.

Saw them as gifts and downloaded them

Restarting the game now.

Yep no luck, they disappeared. I only have the new pack 2017 nsx