no Totino's Car Pack

I have the Car pass and I don’t have the Totino’s Forza Motorsport 7 Car Pack in my ready to install.

Start the game, go to buy cars, they should be there available for free, as with every dlc before. You need to buy them free of charge, they will not just appear in the garage.

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Yeah, same thing here. I have the ultimate edition and the car pack isn´t free to install - but i can BUY it (haha). You can try to download / install each car seperatly from the pack, this works for me.

If you have the car pass you dont need to install it
You just get access as soon as the update is done and you go and collect them

guys I have the ultimate edition with the car pass but asks me to buy it … how do I solve?

Try and see if your question has been answered before posting. THAT would solve a lot of ya’lls issues.

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read the posts above and you will have the solution


OK perfect
after having updated motorsport 7, I found them in the garage
thank you

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Not working as expected via the Car Pass.

  1. Yes, we can go into the garage to “buy” the cars @ $0.00 per; however:

  2. The car pack is not presenting itself as DLC via Ready to Install, in My Games & Apps; and,

  3. In-game, the Totino’s Car Pack in the Marketplace offers to allow one to purchase it for $6.99; attempting to select the other packs that have already been downloaded previously, generates a “You already own this” error message.

Have hard-reset my Xbox One X, to no avail. I have the cars themselves, yes; but again, the DLC isn’t downloading and in-game is not presenting properly as owned/installed content.

The car pass has worked this way since fm6…was the same in fh3
I never download the car packs that are in the car pass because you dont need to
Having the car pass unlocks the packs
The individual car packs are only necessary to download if you buy them individually
The ingame marketplace is ONLY for those that don’t already own the car pass or packs

game is a bug riddled joke… with every “update” new bugs come along, even getting dlc cars is tricky witzh this garbage.

It’s not a bug, it’s been like this since FH3. There is no need to download the car packs with the car pass.

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It is a bug. I also cannot get the car pack as a ultimate edition owner
It doesn‘t show up in the. garage, i can only pay to buy it for 6.99 Euro. I called microsoft and they told me there are problems with this car pack, turn 10 is aware of that and work on a solution.
Maybe not everyone is affected by this problem

It’s not a bug
If you own the car pass you just go to the “buy cars” section and collect your free cars
You dont need to download or install the car pack if you have the car pass
Actually been this way since fm6 too but not many people noticed because you could download the pack and do it that way also…i still have all the packs from the car pass sitting in the ready to install section for fh3

As stated several posts above the ingame marketplace is only for when you dont already own the dlc…if you own the carpass you already own the first 6 monthly car packs