No rewards for disabling assists

There’s seems to be no rewards for disabling certain assists like in previous games. At least it’s not displayed. So it seems to me just race earnings +drivatar difficulty. Doesn’t this create an inbalance? What do you guys think?


You used to get up to 50 % for assists and up to 50 % for difficulty, now you get up to 100 % for difficulty. It’s ok, I guess, but of course it punishes those that get their difficulty from driving without assists but against weak Drivatars.


I will never understand why in FM some things that worked great for the series over years get changed around so much. Like this. I loved how FM taught me, slowly, to disable more and more assists over time, rewarding me with more increased payout. I felt like I worked hard and got rewarded for it. Why they had to go and change this around is beyond me. It seems tempting to just switch some of them back on, work a little less hard and get rewarded the same.
This is just silly. Otherwise, there’s lots to love in FM7. Most is good. But this… yeah. This is a pity.


Well… the answer is pretty simple. Since you won’t get any credits for disabling assists, it will be harder for you, to buy more cars or loot crates. But wait… Tokens will be back soon (see announcement) and you can buy everything with real money (micro-transactions) if you’re short on in-game credits. Thanks Turn10/M$ …NOT!


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I know that everyone sees only the bad in loot crates but if you want to make good money relatively quickly, buy the 20k or 50k mod crates. They will give you credit boosting mods with multiple uses that give you bonuses for driving well or without assists. I set race length to long (12-15 minute races) against unbeatable drivatars with three credit boosting mods like 8 good corners per race or normal steering/stay on track and grab an extra 150% in credits just from mods.

Seriously I make 140,000 credits per race and almost half of that is from mods. You will get about a 300% return on the mod cards you buy from the 50k premier crate. If you already drive without assists then nothing changes either. The goals on the mod cards are very easy to achieve. Plus you can sell back mod cards you don’t want and get most of your money back that way too.

Just try it and you might be pleasantly surprised.

It’s all part of their new economy system.
In the end it’s all “balanced” to push players to open loot boxes and get tokens (with real money).

Me, never…but some definitely will.