No option for performance or graphics mode on xbox one x?

I was honestly not expecting them to ‘punish’ us for not playing the game on a Series console by locking us into 30fps. If anything, it definitely does not make me want to get a Series console. The One X can totally pull off 60fps at the same fantastic 1080p resolution as FH 4. FH 5 isn’t all that advanced. The game can be easily optimized for the One X to kick out 60fps… Even if it means having a dynamic resolution hovering around 1080p.

I hope they reconsider their stance on this because I was considering buying the premium edition. But now knowing that I’m stuck at 30fps on the One X, not so much. Maybe enjoy it on gamepass for a while and then move back to the other 60fps racing games I enjoy so much.

No excuse - racing has to be at 60fps! And the one X is still the second most powerful console MS has built … Graphically, it’s a bit more powerful than the SS!!

Wrong, Series S is more powerful than One X. Don’t let teraflops fool you. 6 teraflops on GCN4 architecture is about same power as 4,1 teraflops on RDNA which is slower than RDNA2. But in backwards compatible games One X is faster if game isn’t heavy on CPU. Game like Oblivion runs a lot better on Series S than on One X even without FPS Boost.

Consider yourself lucky you even got a port.

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The SX may be noticeablymore powerful on paper but that doesn’t mean the one X can’t deliver a great gaming experience. It’s just BS industry politics at play… As usual


the thing here and im a pc player not a console player is that this game is heavy on the hardware if you want to play at 60 fps you need a really good cpu if dont want to deal with stutters and things like that and i can try to prove the scale that this have comparing it with horizon 4 so with my actual pc i can perfectly play horizon 4 on 4k extreme settings 60 fps locked all the time but horizon 5 with extreme settings i can barely hit 30 fps at 4k to play at 60 fps locked i have to turn down the settings back to high so i get locked 60 fps at 4K when in horizon 4 that drop on setting would have get me to 120 fps at 4k so the gap in what you need to run it is really big so maybe thats why there is not a 60 fps mode maybe the cpu didnt perform well at those numbers

Yeah, I can appreciate what you’re saying here and can relate to it. Perhaps use full stops and commas in future to make your reply more reader-friendly? Lol…

It does have a more powerful CPU, but it’s certainly not night and day and that’s about it. The One X can trash the SS’s GPU any day and it even has more storage for the money! All it takes is an SSD to bring the One X up to speed and I think it’s a very formidable console. They released it as a premium console not too long ago! To be completely frank, it’s a ploy to get everyone to buy a SS/SX. The SS doesn’t even look that impressive in performance mode and they’ve made quite a few compromises to get it to run at 60fps. Why can’t the One X then have a performance mode? They can trim back the CPU intensive tasks if that’s what holding it all back?

In all honesty, the GPU, RAM and CPU power is there - they just didn’t want to optimise the game to run in performance mode on the One X. BS industry politics…

They could have even included a dynamic 1080p res to give us One X owners a 60fps mode. BAD move on their part because many people are still on Xbox Ones, in fact, most are - whether it’s the S, X or base model.


The SSD makes the Series S much faster than the One X. The loading time difference in games is amazing. I’m impressed with the quick resume as well. It remembers where game was even after console was fully powered off. It’s because interconnected flash-memory chips retain the data even when there’s no power flowing through them. I bought a Series S two weeks ago and couldn’t be happier with it.

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Totally agree. In this instance at least, I think the series S is much faster. I run it on performance mode and it’s FAST and the difference while racing between the 2 modes is disgustingly different. Series X doesn’t even get that option, it’s basically in graphics mode the whole time and frankly the difference between 30 fps and 60 or more fps isn’t comparable. I’d never go back to graphics mode.

You say this like it’s something new, the One X basically has quick resume as well until you completely unplug your Xbox and it has fas loading times as well if you download your games to an external SDD. None of this is new. They’re just punishing us for not spending $1000 to random scammers on the internet for their Series X!

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Yeah I know but buying an external SSD isn’t exactly cheap considering a Series S is only $299.

FH4 loaded so much faster when running in performance mode, most noticeably for photos.

I agree with above posters. Seems like they dropped it purely to differentiate to Series S/X and drive sales of consoles you can’t buy.

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Yep it’s like they really want us to be ripped off by spending $1000 to shady scammers on the internet for a $500 console!

Probably for whatever silly reason they also don’t let you play at higher fps or max graphics at 1440p on the Series X.

Why am I forced to play at 4k? I want 60fps, and I want the best graphics. Why can’t I just play at 1440p and have both. Why give NO other option but 4k, especially when it drops the game to 30fps when you raise the graphics settings?

One X had a lower resolution and 60fps mode on FH4, and Series X just played FH4 in 4k60 with ultra settings, and didn’t even have an option to do 120fps. Seems they flipped that around this time on who gets the options.

No clue why they can’t just be consistent, and have multiple options for playing. They talked a big game about how scalable their game was for different hardware profiles. I’m sure there a TONS of people who would rather play at 1080p on the One X, and 1440p60 with max graphics on Series X. It doesn’t seem like a tall order. The One X could just play with Xbox One settings at 60fps, and the Series X could literally just play quality mode at 60fps if you could drop the res to 1440p (perhaps even dynamic resolution targeting 1800p)


This is so sad :frowning:

I primarily play on PC at higher framerates but every now and then I like to do some of the more recreational gaming with the kids on the Xbox One X and now with this horrible 30fps, it’s just unbearable!!

I’d settle for 720p if it meant we could have 60fps!?!?

I generally don’t mind 30fps but for a game like Forza, no way! 60fps is the bare minimum I need and they could have very easily included a performance mode for One X running at dynamic 1080p.

Good job PG… makes me want to put down your game after just 15 mins or so. Happy with the One X so no way getting a SS or X just for this game.

Why does fh5 not have 60fps mode on Xbox one x???

Mate it doesn’t even have 4k 60fps on XSX…

Never said 4K, just 60 fps. The post before you even states a 1080p resolution on the One X.

Use your brain once in a while.

Ok Mr smarty-pants, how about being less rude and more clear next time