No Online Features even after Temporary Ban?

Hi, i was Temporarily Banned for sharing some Livery Stuff.
Timeline of the Forza Ban History was the 11/7/2021 11:22:53 PM until 11/14/2021 11:22:53 PM.
Realized it was not a good idea, so I accepted my ban and waited.

However, after almost a month after the Ban nothing seems to be lifted?
No Forzathon shop, no Gifts, no liverys not even unsharing of liverys to avoid any other Complications even?

Posting a Ticket to the Forza Support just Results in automatically being “Solved” (Ticket id #314431)

Sure it was my fault for being silly and sharing stuff like that, and im sorry for that too.
But then destroying the Entire game for me even after a ban? Doesnt seem Right to me.

Has anyone Experienced the same issue as me? And maybe got it solved somehow?
I really wanna enjoy the game how i used to.

I agree with this person that you’re not missing out on much with all the bugs presently plaguing online. You’re much better off waiting until most major known bugs are fixed.

I also find it abit ironic how they expect the community to be patient while they address these bugs, yet they appear to show no patience for people with certain liveries or usernames. People should be given warnings first unless they really crossed the line.


Yeah, but even when the bugs are fixed it’s still broken for me cuz i litterally can’t download or access anything to have fun because I’m still banned off the online services even tho I got no ban anymore. I will definitely avoid sharing anything in the next forza game.

And I think the same, just give me a message like hey man not cool don’t do that again. And if I do again ban me ofc.

A shame really

Submit a ticket at Forza Support to point out the ban should have been listed; I’ll also alert the team and they’ll get you sorted out.


Thanks a bunch! I will make one Later