No more refunds issued easily for FM7

So are the fanboys…


Maybe, but there are some very bad game breaking bugs that need to be fixed. While some of them have work arounds it’s not something your average person is going to do.


Maybe you haven’t been around long enough to be fed up, first game I’ve refunded in my life. Been gaming since the Atari 2600. Had I known it was going to be utter trash beta game, I would’ve never purchased, the less than 3 star rating is on my side. It’s winning, not whining as well😂


This would be my third personally (from games that pissed me off to the point where I got a refund, not including test drives since games don’t have demos anymore or just buying into a beta etc.). The first was CoD Black Ops III because I couldn’t even load into the menu and I hadn’t played a CoD since the original Blops and MW2. I got a refund on something else but I can’t remember and I’m probably glad that I don’t.

Actually I do remember now, it was Mass Effect Andromeda. And now I can play it for free since I have origin access but I’m not going to because that game is that bad to the point where its not even worth playing even for FREE. This would be the third that I’ve refunded because the game is terrible or doesn’t run. In this case it just didn’t run well for me with more CTDs than I’ve had in any of the games I’ve played combined.

It would be my fourth if I could get a refund for grid autosport but steam didn’t do refunds back then and I don’t even have 2 hours played on the game because I like specific difficulty settings and I prefer to have my brake line on but it was an all or nothing type of deal and I got stuck with a 60 dollar game that I will never play again because it was that bad. I think I’ve asked for a refund at least 4 times now and been denied every single time.

I’ve been saying the exact same thing. Their priorities are so messed up. . . fix the CTDs so that people can actually play and earn money first THEN fix the VIPs


Some people work hard for their money. Obviously you’re not in that camp. I’d suggest the next time you have a thought, don’t.


After non stop CTD and uber poor menu, super laggy, CTD menu, I tried toget a refund.

“Thanks for the detailed information, Jeremy. However, the request for the refund is not possible”
“I already consulted my supervisor regarding this matter, since that you have gone to the trouble of resolving the issue with the best resources you can find, I perfectly understand your point and situation here and I know that you just wanted to get the worth of your money. I know that this could be a little distressing on your part however, i hope you understand that all purchases are final and non-refundable.”

My $140 Cad purchase of the game is " final and non-refundable"

So I say…

Oh ok, So I cant play without CTD, also I cant play multiplayer the error "error messages: “Failed to get server list” or “Failed to get match server list,” and your answer is " our [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] working game sales are final and my 140$ is unworking and [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]? This is what you are telling me? Please type me you and your supervisor name.

“Name is Alex and Nathan is the manager.”

ME: great! thank you. So the yall’s final answer is " sry sir we wont help you"? I understand this correct?

Their Reply:

“It’s just sad to hear that you feel that we haven’t addressed your concern due to technical limitations. It’s definitely not the kind of impression that we’d like to leave to our customers. We value your satisfaction and patronage and we always do our best to help. I hope you understand. Thank you for you time, Jeremy.”

and as soon as its patched and working better you will all buy it again. lol I get it but it seems pretty obvious we will have a full game when the Xbox One X is out. This feels like a test period to me. They should have just told us that. I still would have wanted it early. I understand wanting to be secretive but I think it is at the point of diminishing returns now Turn 10. If its still in this state in a few weeks than I would worry about a refund. I do like the game and I think it has potential once all the features open up and we know the details of those features.


Went back on MS support and managed to get a refund. Took 3 Hrs total!

The simple fact that they know I tried everything to get the game to work and just said “Sorry your [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] all sales are final” I WILL NEVER BUY A MS PUBLISHED GAME AGAIN! L8


MEDIC 1 - You better brace yourself then if this patch comes out with the VIP and no CTD fix because all that will mean is the members with the issue will lose 2X The CR.


Fingers crossed it will be all fixed for the release on the xbox one x. My personal view is they will a dress certain issues bit not all. It will be half fixed like it was half released

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This is actually a really valid comment. Basically, we are all Beta testers and will ensure a smooth launch on the x box one x.

The best feedback Turn 10 can receive is extremely low playing figures, low sales, and some honest reviews by people of influence.


That’s why I refunded, I didn’t pay them $100 to be their employee/ beta tester. To hell with that, perfectly content on waiting now that I don’t have a$100 game not being played. Will likely buy again once the dang thing is properly working.

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Nail on head.

People who let things like the problems this game has go by the wayside are whats wrong.
I can understand small glitches here are there, but this game is near broken.
I’d actually rank it bellow AC: Unity.

I’ve been playing Shadow of War to pass time until this game is fixed.
That game launched without any huge problems.
I’m gonna LOL hard when AC drops tomorrow and is pretty much bug free. (unlikely but if it is XD)

I can only use my personal experience as a benchmark, but If other people are like the people I know, I can’t image how much money this broken game is costing MS.

I know of 5 friends who not only refunded their ultimate editions, but also canceled their One X pre-orders.
That’s $3,000 right there.

I’m gonna stick it out.
But as the years go on what little T10 does right is becoming HEAVILY outweighed by their blatant screw ups.